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12 Content Analysis Tools To Earn Trust (& Conversions!)

12 Content Analysis Tools To Earn Trust (& Conversions!)

If you want to improve your content strategy, you need to comb through your pieces thoughtfully. But if you’re new to content marketing — or don’t have the resources to comb through all your existing pages — using content analysis tools can boost your strategy with less effort.

This page will break down the best content analysis tools for all areas of content marketing, from search engine optimization (SEO) to general readability. Below, we’ll cover the following:

Let’s look at 12 different content analysis tools below!

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What are content analysis tools?

Content analysis tools are software or other online tools that tell you various ways you can improve your content. Some focus strictly on SEO, while others are more comprehensive for content quality.

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Free content analysis tools

First, let’s start with the free content analysis tools. We will cover these options below:

  1. Hemingway App
  2. Grammarly
  3. ChatGPT
  4. Google Trends
  5. Google Search Console
  6. Yoast
  7. Toast UI

1. Hemingway App


Why we like it: Free professional editing help

First on our list of free content analysis tools is Hemingway App. This tool lets you paste your text or write directly in the editor to get detailed editing help. The app breaks down your content sentence-by-sentence to make sure it’s clear and easy to read.

If you want more help making your pages accessible to all, you can even use the grading feature to see what reading level your text is at.


2. Grammarly


Why we like it: Cross-platform editing help

Grammarly is the leader in content analysis tools that focus on editing. This app connects across your devices and platforms to help you edit everything from emails to informational posts. You can even create a custom enterprise style guide to make sure all your writers use the same criteria when making content.

3. ChatGPT

chat gpt

Why we like it: Idea generation and topic clustering

ChatGPT — when used correctly — can be a helpful content tool. Some ways you can use ChatGPT include asking it to:

  • Look for how many times you use a keyword in text
  • Generate blog post outlines
  • Help explain complicated subjects in simple language
  • Check for grammar and tone issues

You could even have it write complete posts for you, but since it can’t create anything 100% original, we recommend only using it as a supplement to your content process.

4. Google Trends

google trends

Why we like it: Accurate search data to inform content creation

Google Trends is a free tool that lets you analyze search popularity and trends for any time and region. You can see what people are searching for in real time to help you create effective content plans.

You can also use this site to evaluate and analyze your existing content.

For example, say you write a page on French press coffee. However, if you notice that cold brew is a more relevant search topic, you can pivot your page or add another to stay on trend.

5. Google Search Console

google search console

Why we like it:  Free in-depth analysis of your website performance

Google Search Console helps you understand your website’s performance. You can also use it to measure your individual page’s success.

In terms of content, this tool can help you look at:

  • Your organic traffic by page
  • What keywords you rank for
  • Average ranking position
  • What users search to find your pages

This tool is a powerhouse for SEO updates and making sure your pages are drawing in traffic.

6. Yoast


Why we like it: Free SEO plugin for different platforms

Yoast is a free WordPress SEO plugin that helps you evaluate and optimize your pages. The main features of Yoast include:

  • Setting page titles and meta descriptions
  • Creating XML sitemaps
  • Adding canonical URLs
  • Outlining breadcrumbs
  • And more!

There is a premium version that offers more features, but the free plugin is a great start for businesses who want to try it out first.

7. Toast UI

toast ui

Why we like it: Collection of tools for data and content tracking

Toast UI is a JavaScript UI library constantly managed by NHN Cloud. This free, open-source project helps you monitor your workflow and create and track content with various tools. There are different options to help with everything from coding to content planning.

Paid content analysis tools

Now that we have covered the free options out there, we can discuss the paid content analysis tools. These options usually have more features to help you dive deeper into your content.

Here’s our picks for the top ones:

  1. ProWritingAid
  2. Frase
  3. DYNO Mapper
  4. ClickFlow
  5. Blaze

8. ProWritingAid


Price: $10/month billed yearly

Why we like it: Professional writing help

ProWritingAid is another professional editing tool, similar to Grammarly. This tool runs over 25 different reports to check your content for overused words and even awkward phrasing. You can integrate this tool just like you would Grammarly to use it across platforms.

There is a free plan for this tool you can try, but the features are more limited than other free tools.

9. Frase


Price: Starting at $14.99/month for individual plans

Why we like it: SEO analysis and AI-powered writing help

Frase is an SEO-focused tool that helps you research, outline, write, and optimize pages for search results. The AI aspect helps you create headings and content while comparing your ideas to competitor pages.

If you want an all-in-one platform that helps you get pages ready for the SERPs, this tool is a great option.

10. DYNO Mapper

dyno mapper

Price: Starting at $39/month

Why we like it:

DYNO Mapper is one of the best content analysis tools when it comes to planning and growing your content strategy. This tool centers on planning your content and making sure every page has a purpose on your website.

With DYNO Mapper, you can:

  • Content inventory
  • Content audits
  • Daily keyword tracking

They also have different tiers of pricing available, with different features for each one.

11. ClickFlow


Price: Upon request

Why we like it: Great for competitor analysis

Clickflow is another optimization tool that helps you focus on the SEO aspects of your pages. You can run content split tests, refresh campaigns, and perform competitor analysis. You can also create title tags and meta descriptions while referencing Google’s ranking factors.

There is no price available, but you can request a free demo to try this tool.

12. Blaze


Price: Plans starting at $25/month

Why we like it:

Wrapping up our list of content analysis tools is Blaze, a tool designed for small teams who want help with content. This tool helps with page writing and organization, as well as more overarching tasks like scheduling and campaign planning.

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Drive your campaign with content analysis tools and more!

These tools can help you analyze your content and help it crush the SERPs. But, if you want to take your content marketing and SEO even further, WebFX can help.

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