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An Introduction to B2B Video Marketing

Content Marketing

In this video, Dylan from our Earned Media team will give an overview of B2B video marketing, including its benefits and some tips for doing it well. Read on to learn more! Transcript Tired of using text-based marketing strategies? […]

30 of Our Favorite Content Creation Tools

Content Marketing

Creating content for your website, social media, and email is essential for marketing. There are plenty of tools available to simplify the process and make it easier to create content. We will break down the top 30 content creation […]

Your Guide to Marketing Content Workflow

Content Marketing

A content workflow is a series of tasks and operations that your team uses to take content from ideation to publication. Without a content workflow, you might struggle to keep up with content demands and miss out on the benefits […]

User-Focused Content: the Basics to Creating Content That Converts

Content Marketing

Creating user-focused content is what it sounds like — creating content that prioritizes the user instead of other factors. With user-focused content, you can see better returns on your content marketing and build your reputation with users. […]

chatgpt plugins
Content Marketing

16 Best ChatGPT Plugins for Marketers (Plus How to Use Them)

Do you use ChatGPT in your marketing workflows like nearly 35% of the marketers we surveyed? What if we tell you there’s a way to boost ChatGPT’s capabilities for your marketing efforts? Say hello to ChatGPT plugins. Designed for […]

Blog vs. Podcast: What’s the Difference, and Which is Better?

Content Marketing

To blog, or not to blog — that is the question. But if you’re on this page, the question is also: to podcast, or not to podcast? In the world of content marketing, businesses often find themselves engrossed in the […]

How to Write for the Web: 7 Tips to Engage Your Audience

Content Marketing

Writing for the web differs from writing a book or a print article. After all, online readers don’t read every word on your web page — they scan it and pick up bits of information relevant to their […]

How to Tailor Infographics for Different Audiences Like a Pro

Content Marketing

Wondering how to tailor infographics for different audiences? Well, you’re in the right place! Different channels have different audiences! Just because a design resonates strongly with one set of users doesn’t guarantee it’ll be that effective in other environments. […]

What is Content Intelligence? Here’s a Guide for Marketers

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to establish your credibility, gain your target audience’s trust, and help prospects find your business through search engines. In fact, 72% of businesses say that content marketing increases […]

Content Marketing

Micro-Content Overview: How to Optimize Your Web Content

Micro-content is a type of web content that users can consume in a few seconds. There are plenty of uses for micro-content that can help your business, but first, you need to understand the basics. This page will cover […]