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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo, Testing Makes Your Website Go

Quick – what’s the one thing you can do tomorrow, in about 2 hours, that can double your website revenue? START TESTING YOUR WEBSITE. When you designed your site you guessed what would work.

You picked out colors, copy and navigation that looked nice. But there was never any guarantee that combination would produce the most business.

  • Maybe Headline 1 outperforms Headline 3, but only when Picture 2 shows in place of Picture 4?
  • Maybe the copy that got a 25% conversion rate in July only converts 10% of visitors in September?
  • Maybe your customers respond better to a two-step conversion funnel, instead of just one contact page?

With real-time website testing, you can send one group of visitors to the original page while sending the rest to the new variation, then see which converts better. Choose the better performing one, log your observations, then start building another variation! This is the #1 most cost-effective and quickest way to impact your bottom line.

Every company with a website needs to test. Take a half hour and listen to this podcast: In this podcast, Bryan Eisenberg, a renowned conversion optimization expert, interviews analytics evangelist at Google, Avinash Kaushik. By listening to this podcast, you’ll get a nice overview of testing and want to start RIGHT NOW.

Getting it Done

Some organizations have a hard time promoting a “testing culture”. Here are a few tips to make testing easier for you: Commit 100% – Convince everyone above and below you that testing is a priority. When everyone understands the value of testing and buys in, your job is a lot easier. Always move forward – There is no “good enough” until your conversion rate is 100%.

Keep on going! Track everything – Keep a running log of your qualitative and quantitative data. Use it to continue making even smarter decisions with each successive iteration.

If your visitors hate blue, remember not to use blue. No spaghetti throwing – Make educated, informed decisions on what to test. Don’t just throw something at the wall hoping it sticks.

Show results – When you get a big win, let everyone know! Need help getting started in the right direction? No problem, we offer a one-time conversion analysis.

That’s all for now, have a Happy Easter, Passover, etc. everyone!

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