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Need Landing Page Inspiration? Look No Further!

Internet Sales

If you’re looking to earn the highest possible conversions on one of your Google Ads, an effective landing page is crucial. Without one, you could miss out on countless sales — and let’s be honest, who wants to miss out […]

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The Fall of Internet Auctions and New Age of ECommerce

Internet Sales

Back in 1998, my aunt bought some shares of eBay’s stock. She bought them on a whim, because she enjoyed selling the things she found at garage sales on eBay, which at the time was just three years old and […]

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Getting Customers Online with Offline Marketing

Internet Sales

In a recent study of Internet usage, the Pew Internet & American Life Project highlighted the following statistic: 15% of American adults do not use the internet at all, and another 9% of adults use the internet but not at […]

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The Growing Storm of ECommerce Holiday Shopping

Internet Sales

Every single year, businesses online optimize, test, build, create, promote, market, increase, [insert additional eCommerce buzzwords here] and sell up until a certain point. A very important season comes about that sends every single person through a spending frenzy. The […]

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Internet Sales

The Evolution & Commoditization of Ecommerce

Not too long ago, setting up an online store or an ecommerce site was incredibly difficult. Paying well over $10,000 for a site was the floor for getting started online.  If you wanted to build your own site from scratch […]

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9 Quick Internet Marketing Tips from the WebFX Experts

Internet Sales

This week, I took a quick poll of some of the WebFX internet marketing experts to get their opinions on what areas of website optimization are often forgotten or neglected, but can provide a huge return on investment. While things […]

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How the Buyer’s Journey Affects Your Content Marketing

Internet Sales

Similar to plots of great stories, a consumer goes through certain stages in their buying process. This journey has become more complex over the last few years because of multiple touch points on the purchasing path. Touch points are the […]

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Ecommerce Psychology: What’s the Best Strategy for Displaying the Price of Products?

Internet Sales

It's important to understand behavioral economics when it comes to the prices on your website. Make sure you're prices are listed the best way for your site to influence buyers.

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How to Sell to Everyone: the 4 Personality Types

Internet Sales

Everyone fits into one of four major personality types. It may seem stereotypical to pigeonhole every person in the world into one of four boxes, but it's important to know about these types for the sake of the buying process. […]

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Internet Sales

Ecommerce Purchasing Habits: Do people really buy from smartphones and tablets?

The explosive growth of mobile browsing over the last decade-plus has been remarkable. In 2000, only 53% of US adults owned a cell phone (and 0% connected to the Internet wirelessly). As of 2012, 88%  of US adults have cell […]

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