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Google Premier Partner badge with specializations in Search ads, Video ads, and two additional areas.

Google Premier Partner Guidelines (And Why Partner with One)

Are you driving less than desirable results with your Google Ads campaign? If so, it may be time for you to enlist the help of a Google Premier Partner. These Google Ads experts follow the Google Premier Partner guidelines to maintain excellence, ensuring that you’re partnering with one of the best agencies for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

On this page, we’ll discuss the Google Partners program, the difference between a Google Partner and Premier Partner, and provide you with three reasons for choosing a Google Premier Partner. Keep reading to learn more and call us today at 888-601-5359 to learn more about working with a Google Premier Partner.

Google Partners program: What is it?

The Google Partners program is a free program for marketing agencies looking to build trust and authority with their clients. This program helps people find someone qualified to help with a Google Ads campaign.

While the program is free to join, it takes work to become a part of the program and earn a badge to display on a company website and marketing materials.

  1. Google Partner: To earn a Google Partner badge, you must have one team member certified in Google Ads, spend at least $10,000 on ads in a 90-day period, and meet Google’s performance requirements.
  2. Google Premier Partner: If you want to be a Google Premier Partner, you must have two people certified in Google Ads, meet a higher ad spend requirement (dependent on your market and industry) and comply with Google’s performance requirements.

We’ll dive into these two badges and how to earn them later. Each badge requires that you pass a certification exam. Companies can test for different specializations, including:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Shopping
  • Mobile
  • Video

What are the Google Premier Partner Badges?

When a company earns a Google Premier Partner or Google Partner badge, they have two styles of badges that come with restrictions on where businesses can place them:

  • Dynamic badge: The dynamic badge shows the company’s name and specializations when you hover over the three dots in the right corner. You can only use this badge on your website and additional domains listed on your profile.
  • Static badge: The static badge lists your earned specializations — users don’t have to hover to see your areas of expertise. This badge gets used for marketing materials, both online and offline. You cannot use this badge on your site.

Google enables Google-certified partners to check their badge status within their account:

  1. Go into the Partners program
  2. Click the “Badge status” card
  3. View your badge status
  4. Click “View details” to see what it means

Google-certified partners will see four different statuses:

StatusWhat does it mean?
Not yet a Google PartnerThe company hasn’t earned a Partner badge yet or tested in badge specializations. The company must review the requirements to figure out what they missed.
Google PartnerThe company has a Partner badge. It includes the list of specializations with green checkmarks and the word “achieved” next to the specializations.
Google Premier PartnerThis status will have the same information as the Google Partner status. It lists the specializations and which ones the company’s achieved.
Badge at riskThe company is at risk of losing its partner status. The status will appear as a triangle with an exclamation mark in it. A message that details the issue will also display. Losing a Partner badge means losing the right to use the badge and specializations.

Google Partners and Google Premier Partners should check their status regularly.

3 reasons to work with a Google Premier Partner

If you’re ready to start working with a Google Ads expert on your ad campaigns, it’s time to partner with a Google Premier Partner. Let’s take a look at three reasons to hire a Google Premier Partner:

1. You’re working with experts

When you hire a Google Premier Partner, you’re choosing to work with people who have experience running ad campaigns. These experts aren’t people who run campaigns here and there. Based on the Google Premier Partner guidelines, agencies must consistently work on Google Ads, making them intuitive and experienced experts on the subject.

When you partner with Google-certified partners, you’re working with people who stay up to date on the latest Google Ads changes. They know how to adapt your campaign to perform better, as well as take advantage of new features. If you want to work with people who know how to run Google Ads campaigns well, look for the Google Premier Partner’s badge on a marketing company’s website.

2. You have a better connection to Google

One of the most significant benefits of working with a Google Premier Partner is that they have a direct link to Google. When you’re running a Google Ads campaign, you may have issues or concerns. If you try to reach out to Google about it on your own, it may take time to get an answer.

If you work with a marketing company in the Google Partners program, you get a direct connection to Google. Google Premier Partners have a fast track to connect with Google. If they have issues with your campaign, they have a direct line to a highly qualified Google rep that will help them resolve the issue.

That means no more long wait times to get a response! This straight path to Google means you get answers fast and solve problems quicker. If you choose a company off the Google Premier Partners list, you’ll partner with a Google Ads agency that can resolve campaign issues fast.

3. You’ll see positive results

Google Premier Partner guidelines state that a partner must consistently drive positive results for their clients. When you hire a Google Premier Partner, you’re working with a company that knows how to drive results and consistently does it for their clients. To make the Google Premier Partners list, agencies must drive revenue and leads for their clients consistently.

They must maintain a level of success to remain a part of the program. When you choose a Google-certified partner, you’re working with someone that will provide results for your business using Google Ads.

Google Partner vs. Google Premier Partner: What’s the difference and which is better?

As you research the Google Partners program, you’ll see there are two different partner types: Google Partner and Google Premier Partner. So, what’s the difference between them, and which one is better for your Google Ads campaign?

Google Partner

Most companies fall under the Google Partner category. As you investigate different Google-certified partners, you’ll find that many stop at the Google Partner badge and don’t expand beyond it.

google partner badge specializations Here are the requirements for the badge:

At least one Google Ads-certified team member

A company must have at least one person in their company certified in Google Ads. This person must either be an admin of the company’s Google Ads account or a standard user that accesses the account regularly.

Spend at least $10,000 on managed Google Ads accounts

Another requirement for this badge is that the agency must spend at least $10,000 in a 90-day period on Google Ads. Google requires this to show that the company is actively working on campaigns.

Deliver a solid performance

Lastly, Google requires that Google-certified partners deliver “solid” performance.

They must have solid ad revenue and growth overall, as well as maintain and grow their customer base. “Solid” isn’t predefined, so it can be tricky to know if you’re hitting Google’s requirements.

Google Premier Partner

Only a small fraction of Google Partners become Google Premier Partners. It’s challenging to earn this badge because of its more aggressive, yet vague qualifications.

Let’s take a look at the Google Premier Partner guidelines:google premier partner badge specializations Maintain at least two people certified in Google Ads

To qualify for Google Premier Partner, a company must have at least two team members certified in Google Ads.

Like the Google Partner, these team members must be an admin or frequent user of the company’s Google Ads account.

Spend a required amount on Google Ads

The second part of the Google Premier Partner guidelines requires that agencies spend a designated amount on Google Ads for their clients. Google’s minimum ad spend depends on the country and the market. Google Premier Partner applicants must actively work on Google Ads campaigns too.

Meet performance standards

If a company wants to become a Google Premier Partner, it must meet performance standards.

Google doesn’t publish its Google Premier Partner guidelines for these standards, but it does emphasize that Google will look at the agency’s client retention, as well as the growth of the client’s revenue, agency’s revenue, and agency’s client base.

Who should I partner with: Google Partner or Google Premier Partner?

Now that you know the difference between the two partners, which one is better? If you want to get the most out of your Google Ads campaign, you’ll want to look at the Google Premier Partner’s list. Agencies who have Google Premier Partner status will drive better, higher converting campaigns for your business.

These agencies know the ins and outs of Google Ads. They will know how to optimize your campaign, so you can make a better profit from online advertising. Plus, they’ll provide excellent service to you and your team.

Work with a trusted Google Premier Partner today

The Google Premier Partner guidelines highlight marketing agencies that consistently drive valuable results for their clients.

When you pick a company from the Google Premier Partners list, you’re choosing a company that has proven results and knows how to run a Google Ads campaign successfully. If you’re looking for the right Google Premier Partner, look no further than WebFX. As a Google Premier Partner, we have the knowledge and experience in running successful Google Ads campaigns that grow businesses.

With a team of over 500 experts, you’ll feel confident that we’ll drive the results you desire. Ready to get better results from your paid advertising campaign? Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to team up with a Google Premier Partner!

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