Do You Need a CRM Program? [+5 Benefits of CRM Software]

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your sales process and maintaining relationships with your customers? If so, it’s time to invest in software that can help you manage your customers and drive more sales for your business.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you manage relationships with your leads and clients. This type of program stores information about these leads and allows you to manage your sales process better.

But do you need a CRM? Yes, and we’ll tell you why!

What Are Computer Cookies? Fully Baked & Helpful to Marketers

Everybody loves a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie. But the ones that we’re talking about aren’t for eating.

However, computer cookies can also provide an amazing, lavish experience — to your site visitors, of course. Incorporating computer cookies into your site can help you provide the best experience for your visitors online.

That said, what are computer cookies, and how do they work? We’ll cover that and more in this article, so read on!

Who Has the Fastest Internet Connection in the World? [Infographic]

If you live in the United States, you might think that your Internet is fast. After all, you now have access to movies and TV shows on-demand, high-quality streaming music, and websites that load instantaneously. There’s no way we don’t have the fastest Internet in the world, right?

That’s where you’d be wrong. Really, really wrong.

As an agency that relies on the Internet for every aspect of our work, we were curious to see how our speed compared to others around the world – and we were surprised by what we found.

Check out this infographic to find out which countries have the fastest Internet speeds, how the US stacks up, and where you should move if you want the fastest download speeds (or the cheapest broadband!) in the world.

What Are Data Brokers – And What Is Your Data Worth? [Infographic]

Have you ever received an advertisement in the mail and been impressed by eerily relevant it was to your exact interests or situations? You may have chalked it up to coincidence, but that kind of accuracy probably didn’t happen by chance. What’s more likely is that the business purchased your information from a data broker.

If you’re familiar with data brokers, this won’t come as a shock. But if you’re not already aware, data brokering is a multi-billion dollar industry made up of companies who collect consumer data and sell it to other companies, usually for marketing purposes.

So what do they know about you? And how much do they make off of your personal information? Check out our infographic for all the details.

Can a Website Be Copyrighted? (And Should I Copyright My Site?)

When you’re building your company’s website, it’s essential to understand everything you need to develop a secure and robust one. As you’re setting up your site, you may have questions about the things you need to do. A common one is: Can a website be copyrighted?

Yes, and we’ll show you how!

On this page, we’ll answer the question, “Can a website be copyrighted?” and provide you with the steps for how to copyright your website, as well as answer some common questions people have about copyrighting a site.