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4 Benefits of Using Videos on Your Landing Pages

When you run digital marketing campaigns, it’s important that you create effective landing pages. There are numerous elements you can add to your landing pages, including videos. Adding videos to your landing pages can help you keep leads engaged so they eventually convert.

On this page, we’ll share four benefits of using videos on your landing pages. Keep reading to learn more about how you can improve campaign’s performance by integrating videos.

1. Videos help your audience absorb information better

When you create landing pages, your goal is to get your audience to act. Because of this, you want to provide them with the proper information. It can be difficult to get all that important information onto one landing page.

If you use an abundance of text, your leads will lose interest in your business. They don’t want to feel overwhelmed by your landing pages, but this is where videos can help. Instead of overwhelming your audience with large blocks of text, keep their interest by creating videos.

Videos help you share more information in a shorter amount of time. Adding videos to your landing pages can help you communicate with your audience and share everything they need to know about your product. Videos are great if you have a complex product.

You may not be able to explain your product as well in words. However, by using video, you can show and explain your product to your audience. You will cover more information with less material by providing videos for your audience.

It’s important that you still include written content on your page to help it rank on Google but adding videos can make it easier for your audience to digest some of your content.

2. Videos increase engagement

When you create landing pages, you want to engage visitors so that they learn more about your product and convert. Videos are a great way to keep your audience engaged on your page because they combine sound and visual elements to engage your audience. In fact, your audience is 10 times more likely to interact with a video than a block of text.

They will choose to watch a video over reading a page filled with text because it’s a quick and efficient way to deliver information. Additionally, people are more likely to absorb the information if you use a video on your landing page. It’s harder to engage with a block of text than with a video, and many site visitors skim over copy to save time.

Your audience will be more interested in a clip or two on your landing page to learn about your products. You will keep your leads engaged on your page longer by using video. People will take the time to watch a video in its entirety, which means that they remain on your landing page and continue to learn about your products.

3. Videos build brand association

Brand association is a big part of your business. You want people to recognize your brand when they see your logo or a product. It can be the determining factor that helps you earn more conversions down the line.

When you build your brand through blocks of text, it is difficult for your brand’s personality to shine. You can’t easily convey your brand’s image. With video, however, it is much easier to promote your business’ brand in a creative and personalized way.

Video is especially effective because it provides you with the opportunity to deliver an effective message about your brand using visual and sound elements. This type of media is proven to be an effective way to increasing brand recognition. In fact, brand recognition increases 139% after watching a video.

It’s an effective way to help people become familiar with your brand!

Why does brand recognition matter?

Brand recognition is a crucial part of earning conversions. People want to feel confident that the brands they buy products from are trustworthy and a good fit for them. Building trust and recognition will help your audience become more familiar with your business.

Even if someone sees your landing page and doesn’t convert, it doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on a lead. When you use brand recognition methods, they will remember your business. Eventually, when it comes time to convert, your leads will remember your brand and choose your business over your competition.

Video is an effective way to help them remember your brand. Your audience is more likely to remember what happens in a video than what they read in a paragraph. By using video, they will recognize your brand and trust your business more.

4. Videos boost conversions

When you use a video on your landing page with a form, you will increase your conversion rate. In fact, adding videos to your landing pages can increase your conversion rate up to 80%! So, how do they successfully convert leads into paying customers?

Video is a powerful tool because it gives you the ability to get your audience to make an emotional purchasing decision. Using the response you elicit with your videos, you can help nudge your audience towards conversion based upon how they feel. Many businesses use emotion to encourage their audience to convert.

For example, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) uses emotion to encourage people to donate to their organization. When animal lovers see animals suffering, they can’t help but try to donate money to help those animals. These kinds of videos make people feel a certain type of way about a business or product so that they act based on how they feel after watching a commercial or video clip.

They are powerful tools that allow businesses to tap into their audience’s emotions. Also, when you use video on your landing page, you provide your audience with the opportunity to look at your product up close. They can see it in action and get a closer perspective of your video.

It gives your leads a detailed look into your product before they purchase it. People want to know all there is to know about the products and services they’re looking to purchase. By giving audiences a more detailed perspective of your product with videos, you will earn more conversions for your business.

In addition, using emotional videos pertaining to your brand will help create brand recognition and convert leads.

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Start using videos on your landing pages today

Videos have a huge impact on how your landing pages perform. You will experience numerous benefits by integrating videos into your landing page, such as increased engagements, brand association, and conversion rates. Have any tips to share about using videos on your landing pages?

Leave them in the comments below!

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