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15 Best Martech Tools for 2024: Your Guide To Growing Your Tech Stack

Marketing technology (martech) encompasses any tool that helps your company succeed with your campaigns. Finding the best martech software for 2024 can help you stay on top of the trends while outpacing your competition.

To help you get ahead, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 top martech tools for 2024. Let’s break down the following options and some martech tool pricing:

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Martech tool pricing

Want a quick look at the tools below? Here’s a breakdown of all the tools, prices, and their key features and uses:

Tool Price Features Details
MCFX View pricing Customer relationship management (CRM), data tracking and analytics, and marketing automation Learn more
GA4 Free Marketing analytics, website and app tracking, and traffic measurement Learn more
Optimizely Free plans available, more pricing and features upon request Customer satisfaction, A/B testing, and web feature experimentation Learn more
Buffer Free trial and plan available, as low as $6 a month Social media management, post scheduling, and audience engagement tracking Learn more
Hootsuite Free trial available, $90/ month for basic plan Social media planning and management, social advertising, and post tracking and scheduling Learn more
Nutshell Free trial available, as low as $16/ user CRM, pipeline management and storage, and customer data tracking and storage Learn more
Trello Free plan available Project management, onboarding services, and task management across teams Learn more
Ahrefs Starting at $99/ month with different plans available Search engine optimization (SEO) tools, competitor analysis, and keyword research Learn more
Marq Free plan, then starting at $10 a user Branding and design, template creation, and content production Learn more
Criteo Upon request Online display advertisement creation, ecommerce advertising, and ad design and integration Learn more
Slack Free limited plans available, then $7.25 per user per month Team messaging and meetings, private and group channels, and desktop and mobile messenger access Learn more
Marketo Upon request Marketing automation, lead management, and marketing analytics Learn more
Feefo $119/ month for basic plan Review generation platform, ecommerce-driven review sourcing, ad review response guides Learn more
Shopify $39/ month for basic plan Ecommerce platform, ecommerce automation, and product listing and cross-channel marketing Learn more
Hotjar Free plan available User behavior analytics, user feedback generator, and one-on-one user interview capabilities Learn more

15 best martech tools for 2024

Now that you’ve had a quick breakdown of our top picks, let’s look closer at the best martech software options for 2024.



First on our list of martech tools is MCFX — the end-to-end marketing platform from WebFX. We didn’t include it in this list for our own benefit. This marketing platform can help businesses of any size, industry, or experience earn more revenue from live data.

MCFX is powered by IBM Watson, giving it more power to collect, analyze, and report on customer data for users. You can enjoy features like marketing automation, email and call tracking, and more, all while giving your teams access to unified data.

2. GA4


GA4 is Google’s free analytics platform that lets you track key metrics for your website, as well as other channels. Since this tool is free, it’s a great option for companies with a limited budget who are just getting into marketing and analytics.

With the newest version on the rise, GA4 lets you create events, measure conversions, and see what pages are doing the most work to earn your business revenue.

3. Optimizely


Next on our list of martech companies and tools, we have Optimizely.

Optimizely is a leading customer satisfaction and review tool. With their services, you can create and launch tests to see what customers like — and don’t like — about your website. Use Optimizely to create tests, run experiments, and chat with users about what they want out of your website.

Since reviews are crucial to understanding your audience, a review tool is a must. Optimizely has replaced Google Optimize, becoming the tool of choice for the giant search engine.

4. Buffer


Buffer is a complete suite for those looking to optimize their social media presence.

Buffer helps you build an audience and grow your online presence through services like content publishing and scheduling, social analytics, custom landing pages, and artificial intelligence (AI) assistance.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one social tool, Buffer is a great choice for combining your channels all in one place.

5. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is another social media management platform that lets you combine all your social media tracking, publishing, and analytics in one place.

Hootsuite also lets you create industry-appropriate content and schedule it in advance. They have a special focus for users in health care, education, government, and other related industries. Plus, with AI technology, you can lessen your workload across the board.

6. Nutshell


Next on our list of martech tools, we have Nutshell — a leading CRM platform that helps companies build relationships and manage data efficiently. As an all-in-one CRM, you can use Nutshell for anything you need, including:

  • Email marketing automation
  • Customer data storage
  • Lead tracking
  • Conversation updates
  • And more!

With Nutshell and MCFX, you can overhaul your marketing process, qualify leads, and turn each visitor into a long-standing customer.

7. Trello


Trello is a content management platform that helps teams unite their workflow. With Trello, you can manage new projects, create boards, assign projects, and organize your workflow so everyone is on the same page.

Whether you work with multiple teams or one, having one platform for all projects will help smooth your operations.

8. Ahrefs


As one of the most well-known martech companies in the industry, Ahrefs offers an all-in-one SEO tool to help with all facets of your campaign. Whether you want to deep-dive into keyword research or do a competitor analysis.

Ahrefs also lets you track your own URLs and manage analytics in the same platform. You can use this tool for all phases of SEO, from research to implementation and tracking.

9. Marq


Marq, formerly LucidPress, lets you turn your designs into branded templates for your team to access. If you struggle to create consistent branding on your site, Marq will help you establish a complete vision of what your brand is, as well as giving you actionable tools and materials.

Creating a strong brand presence is essential for your company. Marq is a great option for stepping up your branding and building a solid online presence.

10. Criteo


Criteo lets you create online display advertisements and push them to different channels, all from one platform. Since display ads are an effective way of reaching your audience, having the best tool to create effective options can make all the difference.

Along with display ads, Criteo offers ecommerce services to help you monetize your ads and increase revenue.

11. Slack


Slack is an online messaging platform for professionals. If you want a way to help your team connect, Slack is an excellent option that already serves numerous businesses and teams.

With Slack, you can enjoy private messaging on desktop or mobile phones, as well as video and phone options for teams around the world. If you have a hybrid workforce, Slack is a must for keeping everyone in touch.

12. Marketo


Marketo is Adobe’s marketing software that targets clients all over the market. This software uses marketing and sales automation processes to help businesses get more from their leads, audience, and advertising efforts.

On top of that, they also offer a multitouch marketing approach, which measures checkpoints across the sales funnel for every single lead.

13. Feefo


Feefo is another review tool that helps you gather, evaluate, respond to, and implement reviews on your website. Their advanced analytics help you find trends in your reviews and consolidate data automatically to save time.

If you want more information from your customers without seeking it out manually, Feefo is a great option for businesses.

14. Shopify


Shopify is a popular ecommerce tool that lets you sell goods and services online.

With Shopify, you can integrate your store with other channels and make it easy for users to order from you. You also get access to analytics, marketing tools, branding advice, and more.

15. HotJar


Rounding out our list of the best martech tools for 2024 is Hotjar. Hotjar is another review and testing tool that gives you more insight into your business performance with information that you can’t get from your analytics.

Whether you want to test a new landing page or make sure that customers find your site easy to navigate, you can do so with Hotjar. They also let you connect with users one-on-one to learn what they think of your company.

Measuring the metrics that affect your bottom line.

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