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How To Write A Press Release (Examples + Template)

How To Write A Press Release (Examples + Template)

Have you got big news you want to share with the public? Trying to generate some buzz over an upcoming collaboration or expansion? Then, you might be looking into writing a press release!

Press releases are great for helping you speak directly to your buyers, as well as the general public. However, it’s not as simple as writing an office memo. There are requirements you must follow to achieve your goal.

This post will break down the basics of press releases, including press release examples, tips, and more:

Read on to learn more. And be sure to download our free press release template to start crafting your next announcement!

What is a press release?

A press release is an official written or recorded statement that an organization issues to the news, media, and beyond. These messages are also known as “media releases,” “news releases,” or “press statements,” but they all refer to the same type of statement.

Types of press releases

Not all press releases have the same use or even the exact same format. Understanding the different types will help you decide which one to use for your business and occasion. You can also note when press releases might be appropriate if you are new to using them.

Here are just a few common press release types:

  • Product launches and updates: Any news about products that affects a large population can make it into a press release.
  • Awards: Share the awards you give and receive with everyone.
  • Recalls: Have a product or service recall? Let people know to protect your reputation.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: This change to company structure is worthy of a large-scale announcement.
  • Openings: If you are opening a new location or relocating, you can put it in a press release to get the word out.
  • Partnerships: You can use press releases to promote your work with other companies or organizations.
  • Events: If you have a big event coming up and want to grow the registration list, a press release can be great.
  • Hiring promotions and events: Looking for people to join your team? You could share that in a press release!

Sample press release formatting

While each type of press release will change slightly to meet the audience and message, the format for press releases is straightforward and similar. Let’s go over the different elements for writing a press release:

Contact information and release date

You should list a contact in the top left corner and the “For immediate release” date in the top right. This section will be the first thing people read, other than the title. The contact makes it easy for journalists and readers to reach out, and the date is crucial for documenting events.

Title and subheading

Next, you will write your title, followed by an italicized subheading expanding upon the page topic. The title should summarize the topic of your press release, while the subheading can give more information about the content.

For example, if you’re writing a press release about a new car product, your title and subtitle might be something like:

Example Company Launching New Tire Repair Product in November

Local Tire Company Creates New Tire Repair Kit for Beginner Drivers in [State]

News location and news peg

As for any news release, include the location before jumping into your article. After you list the date, you should explain the most important information in the first few sentences. This will tell the reader all they need to know about the release, even if they don’t read the entire page.

Your first paragraph will state the announcement while giving the context of the information.

Body content

You can go into more detail (about two to three paragraphs’ worth) after your initial introduction to the topic. The body paragraphs should also include quotes from important people in the company to provide even more background information. This will detail why the release is happening.

Facts and figures

If you want to add any important facts and figures, do so in a bulleted list before your last paragraph. These numbers or figures could be anything related to the subject of the release.

Company description

Your last paragraph will be a description of your company, kind of like an “About Us” page. You should give context to your organization, including what you do and who you are.

Pound symbols

Finally, to end your press release, simply add three pound signs (###) at the bottom of the page. This will universally signal the end of the page.

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Press Release Format Guidelines

  • Contact information and “for immediate release” at the top of the page
  • Title and subheading
  • News location and news peg
  • Two or three paragraphs or body content
  • Any bulleted facts or figures
  • Company description
  • Three pound symbols (###) to end the release

Press release examples

The following press release examples show how different types of press releases and formats appear in the media.

1. Coke

coke press release

The first example press release example is from Coca-Cola. As you can see, they have a compelling headline announcing their partnership with Microsoft to launch AI-focused research and initiatives.

This example of a partnership release is a great representation of explaining the content in the headline and the first paragraph. You learn all you need to know from the title, and each section builds on the last to give you more information.

2. Urban Outfitters

urban press release example

Next, we have a press release example from Urban Outfitters. This example is a financial brief on the holiday sales reported for the company. Financial executives and stakeholders could use this press release to check the company’s performance.

This example also includes the contact information and basic elements we discussed above. It also has links to other related pages, which are another part of some press releases.

3. Santander

santander press release

The last example we have here is an award announcement from Santander. The page itself does not include the typical structure, but they do use the headline to explain the press release succinctly.

Santander shows how you can use press releases to make announcements and highlight your company’s successes.

They also include a downloadable version of the press release, which is great for record-keeping and easy reference. The downloadable version follows the traditional press release format.

Press release template

If you want to simplify the press release process, having a template is ideal. As we covered in the formatting section, there are a few items that every press release will have. A basic press release template should be as follows:

  • Title
  • Subhead
  • City and state
  • Message from your company
  • About your company
  • Signoff

We also created a downloadable version of our press release template to make the process easier. Click below to download!

How to write a press release

So, how can you write your own press release? Pulling from the information above, we’ve put together a list of steps for writing your press release and making waves in the news.

1. Write a compelling headline

The headline is the first — and sometimes the only — thing people read. Your headline should be concise, specific, and attention-grabbing. If you could summarize the whole press release in one sentence, it would be the headline.

If you’re stuck on headlines, think about how you would tell a friend or a coworker what’s going on at your company. For example, if you’re launching a new product, you might say, “[company] is creating a new [product] for January.”

That’s a great jumping-off point!

2. Stick to the point

Press releases are meant to be short, sweet, and to the point, with just enough detail to satisfy the reader for the time being. Plus, you really only have about one page to work with, so you can’t go too far into detail.

Don’t dive into extra information that doesn’t relate to the topic at hand. If you couldn’t connect your point to the headline without jumping through some hoops, cut it out.

(Note: There are times that press releases are multiple pages, but in general, you should aim for one.)

3. Convey the importance to the press

You know why your press release matters. However, does the press?

Be explicit in why this news is important — don’t make them figure it out themselves. With a press release, you get more power over the narrative about your company and the announcement. Use that to create hype around your news and get people interested.

4. Add quotes and statistics

Quotes and statistics about your press release topic can help you appear more researched and give more context. Plus, it’s good for readers to hear what professionals at your company have to say about the subject.

Ask leaders and other professionals related to the press release topic for their insight. They could provide a general comment, or you could ask them specific questions if you want to focus on a certain piece of the story.

If you have research data, statistics, timelines, or any other figure, be sure to include that, too!

5. Proofread carefully

Before you share your press release publicly, be sure to proofread it. You could use a tool like Grammarly or have a colleague read it over. Having another set of eyes can help you find errors you wouldn’t have noticed alone.

Here are some common mistakes to watch for:

  • Check for spelling, grammar, and style errors
  • Make sure any hyperlinks in the body text work
  • Check that your contact information is up to date
  • Use any necessary citations for data

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