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What Is a Sales Call Analysis and How Can It Benefit You?

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What is a sales call analysis?

A sales call analysis is a type of analysis that focuses on your sales phone calls, including metrics like call duration as well as the content of the conversations.

If you’re like many companies, one of the main ways you connect with potential clients is through phone calls. Those calls give you an opportunity to talk about your business, explain what you offer your clients, and answer any questions or concerns your leads might have.

But how do you know if those sales calls are actually effective? And how can you find the right way to improve them? The answer is to perform a sales call analysis.

By assessing the performance of your sales calls, not only can you improve your calling process, but you can also learn more about your customer base. Analytics is incredibly important for marketing and sales alike.

What exactly is sales call analytics, though? Why should you use it? Keep reading to find out. Then subscribe to Revenue Weekly, our email newsletter, for more marketing info!

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What is a sales call analysis?

A sales call analysis is where you assess your sales call data to learn info about your customers, calling process, and sales techniques. That info can help you improve your sales calling process later on.

What can you learn from sales call analytics?

As we said, sales call analytics can help you gather valuable data. But what is that data?

Here are some of the types of information you can learn from analyzing sales calls:

  • How long an average call lasts
  • What percentage of calls lead to a conversion
  • What percentage of calls were actually answered

In addition to teaching you about the calls themselves, your sales call analytics can reveal the content of the conversations on those calls. That info includes:

  • What your leads’ typical attitude toward your company is
  • What your audience is looking for from your business
  • Which sales techniques work best on your leads

By gathering all this data, you can do a lot to boost your sales campaigns.

Why analyze sales calls?

You might think, “Okay, so I can get some data out of sales call analytics — but why do I care? How does analyzing sales calls actually help my business?”

There are several reasons to analyze sales calls, and we’ll go over three of the biggest ones below.

1. Sales call analytics helps you improve your phone call marketing

Firstly, analyzing sales calls helps you learn how to reoptimize your sales call process. Odds are, your sales calls have their share of flaws. The question is, what are those flaws? By figuring that out, you can figure out how to improve them.

Well, that’s exactly what a sales call analysis can help you do. You might discover, for example, that an extremely high percentage of your calls get an answer, but an extremely low percentage end in a conversion. That means you’re doing a good job of reaching people, but you’re not successfully convincing anyone to buy.

2. Sales call analytics helps you understand your audience

Another benefit of sales call analytics is that it allows you to learn more about your audience. What sorts of people are calling you? What demographics do they fit into? Where do they live? What do they want from your business?

By using your sales call data to answer those questions, you can get a better sense of who your audience is. You can also look specifically at which groups of people typically convert as a result of the call. Maybe you get calls from two different locations, but only callers from the first location consistently convert.

This information helps you figure out whom to target with your marketing and sales efforts, including future sales calls. By targeting a more relevant audience, you can drive more consistent conversions and earn more revenue.

3. Sales call analytics helps with forecasting

Finally, analyzing your sales calls can improve your sales forecasting. Sales forecasting is where you look at past data to make predictions about your future sales and revenue, and it’s an important part of your budget planning process.

Sales calls can enhance your forecasting. You might observe, for instance, that your sales calls are far more successful during a particular time of year but less so during the opposite time of year. That would give you an indication of which months to expect higher numbers of sales.

Best sales call analytics tools

Before we wrap up, let’s very briefly cover a few of the best sales call analytics tools on the market:

1. CallRail

sales call analysis callrail

Price: $45+ per month

CallRail is one of the most widely used sales call analytics tools out there. It can help you track calls you make to your prospects, as well as calls they make to you. It can also help you track how each caller interacted with your business prior to calling, such as what pages they visited on your site.

CallRail integrates with a variety of other tools, including:

  • WordPress
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • And more!

2. Gong

sales call analysis gong

Price: Custom pricing

Gong is another popular sales call analysis tool. It doesn’t exclusively track phone calls, but email conversations as well. That means you can view individual prospects’ customer journeys across multiple channels and get a more comprehensive view of their place in the sales pipeline.

Like CallRail, Gong integrates with various other tools to help you quickly and easily export your call data into a larger database.


sales call analysis revenue

Price: Custom pricing

Finally, we have This tool focuses heavily on the forecasting side of things, and it uses AI-powered tech to give you recommendations on how to respond to users and the next steps your business can take in your sales process. is especially popular with businesses that use Salesforce, so if that’s you, this tool could be a good choice.

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