30 Beautiful Custom PC Case Designs

Have you ever dreamed of having a beautifully designed computer? If you answered “yes”, we invite you to view this collection of striking and unique custom desktop PC cases that may just inspire you into modifying or building your own rig.

1. Lian Li PC-A01

Lian Li PC-A01

2. Benny Venus

Benny Venus

3. SubsCover Custom

SubsCover Custom

4. WMD


5. Case Front

Case Front

6. Russian Wall-E Case Mod

Russian Wall-E Case Mod

7. Lian Li V1200

Lian Li V1200

8. Engine Case Mod with V8 power

Engine Case Mod with V8 power

9. Phenom


10. Wooden Touchscreen Terminal

Wooden Touchscreen Terminal

11. Skull

12. Lian Li PC343

Lian Li PC343

13. Custom Computer

14. Lian Li V350B

Lian Li V350B

15. Digitalcamo


16. Dark-Bade


17. The Demon

The Demon

18. MDPC: 028 (million dollar pc)

MDPC: 028 (million dollar pc)

19. Cooler master scout mod

Cooler master scout mod

20. Sangaku Japanese case mod

Sangaku Japanese case mod

21. Trash Can Case Mod

Trash Can Case Mod

22. Sinus


23. Redwood 8000 HTPC

Redwood 8000 HTPC

24. Wolfenstein PC

Wolfenstein PC

25. My New Case – Off

My New Case - Off

26. Wheel Case Mod

Wheel Case Mod

27. Danger Den Case

Danger Den Case

28. Media Mac

Media Mac

29. Atomwood


30. Galactica

Galactica Do you have pictures of your custom PC? Upload it in the Six Revisions User Group on Flickr or share it with us in the comments.

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