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22 Banner Ads Examples You Can’t Help But Click

Banners ads are a great way to promote your business to people interested in what you offer. But to see success with your banner ads, you need to make them stand out on a page filled with text and other visual elements.

To help you get inspired and win more clicks with your banner ads, check out this list of 22 banner ad examples to get inspiration for your next ad!

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What are banner ads?

Banner ads are a form of display advertising. Creative banner ads use snappy text, strong call-to-action (CTA), and striking imagery to encourage clicks.

They appear as rectangular graphics at a web page’s tops, sides, or bottoms. Once a user clicks on the ad, it takes them to the advertiser’s website.

What makes a good banner ad?

Before we dive into this list of good banner ad examples, it’s important to note what makes a banner ad effective. There are a few important elements you’ll want to have in any banner ad you create:

  • High-quality visual: Whether it’s a video, graphic, or image, it should be high resolution. High-resolution banner ads signal that the ad is professional.
  • A clear action: What’s the goal of your ad? What do you want people to do? It should be clear what the next step is in your ad content.
  • A selling point: Banner ads should sell your audience on something, and it should be clear what that is through the text in the ad.

22 Banner ads examples for inspiration

The following brands know how to do banner ads right:

1. Brita

Brita banner ad example

Our first banner ad example is from Brita. Brita’s banner ad sings — literally! Its rhyming message stands out, along with the striking color contrast and simple CTA button.

Brita understands color psychology, too, using blue to evoke thirst. You can also use the power of color psychology to trigger emotions and create brand recognition.

2. Arlo

Arlo pro 3 display ad

Among our banner ads examples, this ad answers the most crucial questions in a few lines, leaving plenty of room for attractive imagery. The minimal text and streamlined look appeal to the audience’s desire for simplicity. Viewers know what to expect, too, when they hit the CTA.

3. Cera Ve

Cera Ve banner advertisement

Cera Ve’s banner ad example does a great job of addressing a strong pain point for their audience — treating acne. The ad addresses this pain point and includes their product in the ad, positioning them as the solution. It’s an effective banner ad that shows the value of their product.

4. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Insurance banner ad for savings

Is that an ostrich on a banner ad? An emu? Does it matter?

Not if you’re Liberty Mutual — you already caught the viewers’ attention. This brand uses a touch of humor, bright colors, and a clear money-saving message to urge clicks.

5. Geico

Geico car insurance savings banner ad

Another brand that knows how to make insurance fun? Welcome to Geico. Geico places its familiar and all-too-cute reptile in the spotlight.

This banner ad example works with easy-to-understand text and can’t-miss CTA!

6. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness enrollment banner ad

Planet Fitness uses bold, high-energy colors to grab your eyes. This banner ad example clearly states what users can expect when they click, instantly establishing trust. A simple, front-and-center CTA is just the right shape, size, and color — it doesn’t detract from the main message but is also impossible to miss.

7. Whole Hearted

Whole Heard banner ad

This banner ad example from Whole Hearted catches the user’s attention immediately. It features a scrolling wheel that highlights all the important aspects of your pet’s food, before inviting visitors to shop Whole Hearted’s product line of food.

It’s a simple, engaging banner ad that draws attention and interest.

8. Disney+

Disney Plus free trial banner ad

Disney+ knows how to pull its audience in almost instantly. This banner ad’s soothing, neutral colors make viewers want to flop on the couch and enter a fantasy world. With its eye-catching CTA, its audience won’t want to miss an exclusive deal.

9. StarbucksStarbucks banner ad for pink drink

Not only is Starbucks’ offer twice the nice, but so is their simple banner ad. This ad promotes too products often paired together, the Pink Drink and the birthday cake pop, and invites people to order the two with this simple ad. The ad introduces the products, followed by a simple CTA inviting people to “order now.”

10. Petco

Banner ad promoting food offered at Petco

Petco’s banner ad example targets pet owners looking to meet the needs of their pets. Not only does it promote one of the dog food brands they offer, but it sweetens the pot by promoting their free shipping for orders over a certain amount.

It’s a simple, straightforward ad that incentivizes people to take action.

11. Samsung

Banner ad promoting Samsung's Galaxy phone

Samsung’s banner ad is simple, yet get the points across. It highlights the name of the product, the key feature (Galaxy AI), and shares a picture of the product. It also uses the simple “Shop Now” CTA to guide people to take the next step.

12. Clorox

Banner ad promoting Clorox products

Another one of the best banner ad examples comes from Clorox. Their ad catches the audiences attention immediately by addressing a pain point — tough stains. The ad also features a visual that highlights their product’s use — a shirt with a stain — further solidifying the message they’re trying to send to their audience.

13. Smithfield

Smithfield banner ad

Smithfield is a great example of banners ad that are fun and creative. This ad uses a catchy slogan, “Go ham on flavor” to promote their meat products. It also features an image of a dish with ham in it to create a cohesive message.

It’s a simple but creative ad that grabs attention from audiences.

14. Hillshire Farm

Hillshire Farm banner ad

Another creative banner ad example comes from Hillshire Farm. They use a creative play on their name to make a fun and eye-catching ad for their audience.

15. Tylenol

Tylenol banner ad

Tylenol used their banner ad as an opportunity to show Motrin and Tylenol combining into one great product. They used split colors and eye-catching graphics to show the two products coming together, accompanied by a CTA to “learn more” about the new product.

16. State Farm

Banner ad for State Farm

State Farm is a great banner ad example because it integrates their iconic red and white color scheme to help build brand recognition. They also use a strong selling point — saving money — to grab their audience’s attention.

17. Sonic

Sonic banner ad

Doesn’t Sonic’s banner ad make you want to order some chicken wraps right now? The highlighting of the $1.99 price tag and the high-quality images of the wraps make for a delicious ad that entices people to eat at Sonic.

18. Zyrtec

Zyrtec banner ad for medicine

Zyrtec does a great job of using selling points in their banner ad to convince people to buy. They use phrases like “#1 recommended brand” to sell people on their product. Zyrtec is also a great banner ad example because they integrate their brand’s unique color scheme throughout the ad to create a memorable experience.

19. Aveeno

Banner ad for Aveeno soaps and lotions

Next up on list this of banner ad examples, let’s look at Aveeno. Aveeno’s ad starts off simple — it addresses itchy skin, followed by how Aveeno can help relieve it. The ad ends with the brand name and products prominently displayed next to the “shop now” call to action.

This ad does a great job of addressing a common pain point and pitching themselves as the solution to that problem.

20. InsightGlobal

InsightGlobal banner promoting hiring services

InsightGlobal makes it onto this list of the best banner ad examples because their ad is actionable and enticing to their audience. Not only does it appeal to something the audience needs (to hire top talent), but it drives clicks with a CTA button for people who want to find top talent.

This ad is a great example of how using a prominent, stand-out CTA button can make your ad actionable and enticing to your audience.

21. Benadryl

Banner ad for Benadryl's medicine

Another great example of a banner ad comes from Benadryl. This ad is simple, but powerful — it uses the phrase “bring it” to show how tough the medication is when fighting allergies. The ad highlights the product front and center and invites people to buy it now, making the action clear and obvious.

22. Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Lines banner ad promoting cruises

To wrap up this list of examples of banner ads, let’s look at one from Norwegian Cruise Line. This ad uses color to draw people to the important information, like 70% off a second guest and free open bar. It also uses an eye-catching graphic of people scuba diving to draw attention.

8 Tips for effective banner designs

What makes our banner ads examples effective?

Follow these 8 tips to help you design your impactful banner ads:

  1. Make sure it’s fast and responsive: You’ve probably seen slow-loading banner ads at some point and know they detract from user experience. Don’t be that ad. Ensure your banner ads load in seconds and work smoothly on any device or screen.
  2. Know your audience: Your banner ads must appeal to your target audience to be the most effective. Understand your audience and what they’ll likely engage with before you design your ads.
  3. Know your brand: Your banner ads should be an extension of your brand. Consider how you’ll infuse your ads with your brand’s voice, color schemes, logo, and personality.
  4. Choose colors that pop: As you may have gathered from the banner ads examples above, effective ads often use contrasting colors. Why? Because they jump off the screen.

    Choose your colors wisely to hook viewers and keep them planted in your ads.

  5. Use engaging images: Select interesting, relevant, and high-quality images for your banner ad design. Consider how you want it to affect people. Do you want to surprise readers?

    Make them smile? Evoke curiosity, hunger, or trust? Be sure to avoid blurry or generic images — you want to stand out from the crowd.

  6. Keep it simple: Effective banner ads are clutter-free and have a straightforward message. Viewers should learn what you’re offering in seconds. Any longer than that and you increase the risk of them looking away.
  7. Have a clear CTA: The CTA must be a shining element and stand out from the rest of the ad. It must also tell readers what to do directly. Ensure the CTA does not mislead readers in any way to establish trust and increase conversions.
  8. Make it worth it: The average person sees hundreds, sometimes thousands, of banner ads on the web each day. How can you make your ad special and worth someone’s time? Include an offer the viewer can’t refuse.

    Pair it with a clear CTA, and you’ll have a winner.

Attract more customers using effective banner ads

When done right, a banner ad has great potential to boost engagement and sales. Don’t know where to start to create an effective banner ad? The advertising experts at WebFX can help.

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We can also support your advertising efforts further with our pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services and social media advertising services.

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