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A monochromatic red collage featuring a variety of graphic design elements, abstract shapes, and snippets of text, representing a creative portfolio layout with sections for profile and contact information.

30 Beautiful Designs with Monochromatic Color Palettes

image 01 image 02 image 03 image 04 image 05 image 06 image 07 image 08 image 09 image 10 image 11 image 13 image 14 image 15 image 16 image 17 image 18 image 19 image 20 image 20 image 21 image 22 image 23 image 24 image 25 image 26 image 27 image 28 image 29 image 30 Share your favorite monochromatic websites with us in the comments section or on the Design Instruct twitter feed @Designinstruct.

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