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Screenshot of a vibrant and artistic website with a grungy background, featuring navigation tabs, event promotions, and two stylized television sets displaying abstract images.

30 Beautiful Examples of Grunge in Web Design

Grunge is a stylish design trend that gives web designs a less uniform, less structured, and more organic look-and-feel. It’s characterized by textured/gritty backgrounds, uneven/torn edges, worn, faded and aged graphic elements inspired by urban and industrial architecture and scenery. It gives a way for designers to venture away from the glossy, flashy, and rigid design elements that characterize the “Web 2.0″style – a style that still dominates mainstream web design.

 This type of design is great for clients that want unique, such as maybe an artist or tattoo parlor, but I wouldn’t suggest it for more professional clients, such as colleges and universities.  Grunge is nice for the clients that use it because it shouldn’t really affect the price of their web design!  Finding an agency that can do things such as design in a grunge style is crucial to assure you are finding a good web design agency!

In this collection, you’ll find 30 excellent examples of grunge in web design for your inspiration. From portfolios and fashion websites to online stores and church sites – you’ll find a variety of websites that choose to “dirty up” their web design.


Cogitatur - screen shot.


TROZO GALLERY - screen shot.

The Lippincott

The Lippincott - screen shot.

Von Dutch Originals

Von Dutch Originals - screen shot.


Bridge55 - screen shot.

James Lai Creative

James Lai Creative - screen shot.

Biola Undergrad

Biola Undergrad - screen shot.

The Trian Woodburns

The Trian Woodburns - screen shot.

revolution church

revolution church - screen shot.

Jared Campbell

Jared Campbell - screen shot.

nYq Design Studio

nYq Design Studio - screen shot.

Jeremy Zevin

Jeremy Zevin - screen shot.

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland - screen shot.

Casio Exilim Lab

Casio Exilim Lab - screen shot.

The Farmer & The Chef

The Farmer & The Chef - screen shot.

Syc Fuk

Syc Fuk - screen shot.

Red9ine Tattoos

Red9ine Tattoos - screen shot.

Xperience 08

Xperience 08 - screen shot.

Meagan Fisher

Meagan Fisher - screen shot.

Soma Communities

Soma Communities - screen shot.

Dirty Pretty Things

Dirty Pretty Things - screen shot.

Bristol Archive Records

Bristol Archive Records - screen shot.


{ths} - screen shot.

Gary Nock

Gary Nock - screen shot.

Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stocks - screen shot.

Bart-Jan Verhoef

Bart-Jan Verhoef - screen shot.

Ali Felski

Ali Felski - screen shot.


POWER TO THE POSTER - screen shot.


Lataka - screen shot.

Sourcebits TangledDecals

Sourcebits TangledDecals - screen shot.

Your thoughts?

Why do designers choose grunge themes? Are there benefits towards straying away from the mainstream design trends?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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