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30 Exquisite Examples of Black and Gold Business Cards

On paper, the use of black and gold can be striking. The gold is bright and warm while black lends a foreboding quality in juxtaposition. The use black and gold is not so much a statement as it is a dare.

Check out these truly great examples of black and gold business card designs we found. Enjoy!

Pixelbox Business Cards by Pixelbox

b0636083c17007206a619c5cb95713a4.jpeg e0cbb1c80ce582cba8e60b879207049b.jpeg

13 Devils Workshop Business Cards by Foxtrot Studio

image_01a_13_devils image_01b_13_devils

Fox Liquor Bar Business Cards by Joshua Gajownik


All Gold Tattoo Business Cards by H Johansson


Agustin M.

Gomez Business Cards by Agustin M. Gomez


Jet Black Cartel Business Cards by Johnny Lyon

image_06_cartel image_07_cartel

Robert Ramstrom Business Cards by Mckenzie Nicholson


Black Pine Development Business Cards by We Are Device

image_10_blackpine image_11_blackpine

Ye Olde Studio Business Cards by Joe White


Tabarka Studio Business Cards by Anagrama

image_13_tabarka image_14_tabarka

King Bansah Business Cards by Julian Zimmermann

image_15_kingbansah image_16_kingbansah

Mark Eric Business Cards by Jane Jonson Design

image_17a_markerik image_17b_markerik

The Nouveau Romantics Business Cards by Go Forth Creative


Brand Architecture Business Cards by Brand Architecture

image_20a_brand_architecture image_20b_brand_architecture

Olive Juice Studios Business Cards by Eight Hour Day


Etxeberria Business Cards by Mikel Cans

image_22_extberria image_23_extberria

Jose Gaspar Business Cards by El Calo Tipo

image_24a_gaspar image_24b_gaspar

Chad Michael Studio Business Cards by Chad Michael

image_25a_chad_michael image_25b_chad_michael

Barbierattoo Business Cards by The Creative Company

image_26_barbierattoo image_27_barbierattoo

Darcey Beau Business Cards by Darcey Beau

image_28_darcy_beau image_29_darcy_beau

Solis Business Cards by Richard Baird

image_30_solis image_31_solis

Eminence Sky Business Cards by Gene Wang

image_32_eminence_sky image_33_eminence_sky

Hotel Portsmouth Business Cards by AG Fabrega


Tempora Business Cards by John Appleman

image_35_tempora image_36_tempora

Becky Hersch Business Cards by Sunday Lounge


Ryan Len Business Cards by Ryan Len

image_38_ryanlen image_39_ryanlen

Carbon Fiber Business Cards

image_40_palmer image_41_palmer

Ayoob Ullah Business Cards by Ayoob Ullah

image_43ab_ayoobullah image_43a_ayoobullah Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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