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5 Excellent About Us Page Examples That Will Inspire You

Your About Us page is what you use to sell your company’s mission and show the reader your heart and soul. It’s the page that showcases all your history, tells the world what makes you unique, describes your values and breaks down your purpose and what drives you.

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How you write and present this information can help you win over new customers, build brand loyalty and get people to relate to your brand, purpose and offerings. While every company’s About Us page will be unique to them, these are some solid About Us page examples to take inspiration and guidance from.

What makes a great About Us page?

These are the key components your About Us section should focus on to deliver the right information effectively:

  • Your mission: Convey the meaning of your business in a way that is true to your brand. Starting with “our mission is…” can work for some companies, but finding another way of conveying your mission statement and what drives you will help you stand out from others and is more impactful.
  • Your history: Your history or your story weaves a narrative from your company’s origin to where it is today. Listing your successes, ideas for the future and obstacles you’ve overcome is an engaging way of celebrating your history and grabbing the reader’s attention.
  • Services and benefits: While you also have a home page and product pages dedicated to explaining all this, a short summary of your offerings is still important. Your About Us page must tie your products, services and offerings into your brand values for complete synergy and a story. This is also the best time to discuss what makes your offerings unique.
  • Testimonials and proof: Share reviews, success stories, case studies and other evidence that shows you mean what you say and can deliver on your promises. You need permission from reviewers and people you work with before uploading and sharing them. These can go a long way to showing your readers why you’re great rather than just telling them. 
  • Creative visuals: This is up to you. A simple design and intuitive UI might be everything your brand needs to visually and aesthetically sell your personality. In saying that, creative visuals and designed features can go a long way towards making your brand personality come to life and draw your reader’s attention. Scrolling animations and transitions are another idea to look into.

5 examples of the best About Us pages you can find

The following About Us page examples will showcase websites and companies that best embody these qualities.


about us page examples 1 nike

Nike has a great website to study. From design to how they deliver information, Nike’s website can capture its identity, engage with its audience and be easy to navigate. The About Us page on Nike’s website starts with a bold title motivating and captivating for athletes, which is their target audience. From this alone, you know who Nike are talking to, what they offer and their purpose. The rest of the page continues to sell its legacy and mission perfectly that’s why it’s one of the best About page examples.

ACI Contracts

about us page examples 2 aci contracts

It’s important that an About Us page for a construction company showcases their accomplishments, how they work and their priorities. When it comes to choosing a construction company, the main goal should be to get the reader to trust your work and be confident that you are the right choice for the job.

This is why the next on our list of about us examples is ACI Contracts is a great example. Their About Us page perfectly represents their brand values and their approach to the work they do. They are a Scottish-based company with a website that can help any aspiring website creator in the world.

Blank Street

about us page examples 3 blank street

About Us pages for cafes must showcase their identity, menu and philosophy. Cafes rely on their personality and atmosphere to help them differentiate themselves from competitors and attract new customers. Customers only see the menu once inside, so a cafe’s identity is an important part of its strategy and mission.

Your website needs to impress visually and keep to your theme, but your About Us copy is where you can really show your heart and soul. In this way, Blank Street’s About Us page keeps true to its simplistic yet personable brand identity by writing a short, meaningful description in its menu font.

Amazing Space

about us page examples 4 amazing space

As far as About Us pages for cleaning company websites go, Amazing Space is a good template to look at. Their About Us page is built into their home page. This helps give the website a clean design which is appropriate for a cleaning business. The page’s main color is white, but it uses yellow blocks to break up the page into different sections while still keeping a clean flow and well-organized layout.

Amazing Space’s website is simple to navigate through, which is smart UX. Cleaning service websites should tell you what services they offer, explain how they operate and give you their contact information. Short and sweet is the right way to describe this website’s About Us section and they make it work.


about us page examples 5 shopify

The last one on our About page examples is an excellent example of a simple design’s effectiveness. The Shopify About Us page is mostly white background with some images used to emphasize their points or keep the reader’s attention. The first section is in a subtle lime green box to draw attention to the introduction.

The page’s simple layout works in its favor to tell you the story in short paragraphs that appear as you scroll down the page. It’s very easy to read through and the images that pop up help keep your interest. The information given is brief and to the point, but shares the perfect amount of information to sell what they do, their story, their purpose and how they can benefit the reader.

Build trust with a well-written about page

At WebFX we go above and beyond for our clients. The work you want us to do is as important to us as your values and mission. All the work we do for you will perfectly reflect your personality. Whether it’s the social media content you ask us to make or the intuitive websites we design for you, we give our all and that’s something you should know about us.

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