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As an addiction treatment center, you need to keep your beds filled in order to continue operating and helping as many people as you can. But how can you reach the people who need your help?

One of the best ways is also one of the easiest: Create a strong website for your rehab center.

We’ve covered the cost of websites on another page, so on this one, we’ll focus on five big qualities that your rehab center should focus on when designing your site.

#1. Establish trust

The most important feature of your addiction treatment center’s website is quality. If you can’t establish trust between you and your visitors, you won’t be able to help the people who need it.

On top of that, establishing trust is just as important — if not more important — with a client’s family members as it is with the client themselves. After all, many times it’s a client’s loved ones who search for a rehab center to help them, and you can bet they only want the best for someone they care about.

How to establish trust

Rehab centers can establish trust with a number of different strategies. The first and most important is to publish relevant, informative, and helpful content on your site.

The best way to do that is to take common questions that your clients ask and explain them in-depth on a page. You can also use the Google Ads keyword planner to see what keywords people are using to research your industry and build pages based off of the most popular.

Second, you can establish trust by showing your professionalism. That means maintaining a professional, simple color scheme on your site with easy-to-use navigation, easy-to-read fonts, and a simple logo.

Although it isn’t directly related to the services you provide, many visitors will base their first impression of your business on its website. Plus, a high-quality site shows that you’re a modern and successful center.

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#2. Use SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website, so it ranks higher in search engines like Google.

When you use SEO on your site, you’re making sure people can find you when they research their options. You’re also showing Google that you’re a reputable, trusted rehab center for their users.

SEO is how you actually show up in search engines, and without it, you might have an outstanding website — but nobody will be able to find it.

How to incorporate SEO

When you want to work on your page’s SEO, you need to make sure you’re using the right HTML tags in the code.

<title>, <meta>, <h1>, and other tags are all critically important to your site’s success. Some of them help your pages rank better on Google, and others are for users to learn what your page is about. When used together, they all help your site succeed.

These tags are most helpful when you use keywords with them. So if you want to attract people who are looking for “rehab centers in [your city],” your ideal page would have a <title> of “Rehab Centers in [Your City]” followed by a pipe (|) or dash (-) and your rehab center’s name.

For a full list of SEO tags and how to use them, take a look at our list of SEO ranking factors.

Now that you have your SEO down, it’s time to make sure people can actually access your site.

#3. Make your site accessible

Accessibility involves a lot of different elements, including your site’s loading speed, how it responds to different screen sizes, and more. However, those are the two big components of accessibility.

Quick-loading sites are great because they show users exactly what they want to see right away. If your site takes too long to load, potential clients will find the information they want somewhere else.

On top of that, responsive design means your website loads correctly on any screen size, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. So no matter what device someone uses to access your site, they all get the same great experience.

How to make your site accessible

The best way to make your load quickly and correctly is to code efficiently.

It’s critical that you make sure the back-end code of every page you have is made for speed. If you find unneeded tags or extra code somewhere, cut them out, so your page can load faster.

You can also reduce the file size or resolution of the images you use on your site. This is especially important for header or background photos that you use on every page you have. If the image file is huge, it’ll take users — especially those on smartphones — too long to load.

You can check your site speed with Google’s PageSpeed tools.

When it comes to responsive design, you have to make sure every page you have correctly loads on any possible screen. You have a lot of options when it comes to programming responsive design, so the best solution is to ask one of your developers or a consultant.

If you’re not sure whether your site uses responsive design, you can use a quick test:

  1. Open your site on your computer’s browser
  2. Click the Minimize icon
  3. Click and hold on one of the corners of your browser
  4. Move your mouse toward the center of your browser

If your page adapts to the changing size of your browser, it’s responsive. If it doesn’t (and certain items are cut off when you minimize it), you should contact a developer to determine how to fix the issue.

#4. Use social media

Social media is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your client base over long periods of time. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are three of the most popular networks in the world, and they have billions of users among the three of them.

That means you have a huge potential audience on every social network, and you can easily connect with people interested in rehab services on all of them.

How to use social media

Social media for rehab centers is a unique field. You have to approach your potential clients’ needs while respecting their privacy. But you can also use social media to promote your website to a new audience.

Whenever you write a blog post, create a new page, publish an infographic, or finish a video, you can promote it on social media.

Facebook is great for behind-the-scenes looks at your day-to-day operations and staff. That helps people get to know you better, which can help them trust you, too. However, it’s important to note that due to privacy concerns, you should never include photos or updates about clients.

Twitter is great for short, bite-sized information that users can read quickly and move on.

And LinkedIn is a professional social network that lets you talk about what your rehab center is doing while reading what your competition does as well.

No matter what you choose to use, you have a wealth of possibilities at your fingertips. And once you start using it, social media can help you reach new leads by the day!

#5. Build brand awareness

With all of these strategies executed on your site, you can really promote your rehab center online by building brand awareness. This means making sure people recognize your name and associate it with quality.

Brand awareness covers a lot of different strategies, but the idea is to get your name out into the public as much as possible.

How to build brand awareness

Social media is one of the best ways to build brand awareness, especially when you routinely promote content from your site.

You can also use pay-per-click advertising (PPC) to make your site rank for highly-competitive search terms that your competition dominates.

Reputation management is also a valuable strategy for building a brand. It involves both generating positive press and locating negative press, targeting it, and turning it into a neutral or positive part of your business. This is a large field on its own, but when you use it with other strategies, it’s incredibly effective at building your brand.

Last, you can write guest posts for blogs in your industry. Any blog that relates to your services, like addiction treatment, is a good place to start.

WebFX knows rehab marketing

WebFX is a full-service Internet marketing agency, and we’ve worked with rehab centers for years. Our talented team of Internet marketers knows how to establish trust and optimize your site, so you can get the steady stream of new clients you need and help them reclaim control of their lives. Our success is your success, and that means we’ll do everything we can to help you grow.

Do you want more clients for your rehab center? Contact us today to create a unique website that works for your addiction treatment center!

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