Radiant Orchid is the Color of the Year

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Every year since 2000, Pantone Inc., creators of the popular PMS standardized color system, chooses an emerging color they believe is rising in popularity in the creative fields.

Last year, they bestowed the honor to "Emerald". In 2014, it’s a bright purple color they’re calling "Radiant Orchid".

Color Codes for Radiant Orchid

Here are Radiant Orchid color values for various popular color systems/notations. You can find this information on Pantone’s official page.


CSS notation


CSS notation (R) Red (G) Green (B) Blue
rgb(177, 99, 163) 177 99 163


(C) Cyan (M) Magenta (Y) Yellow (K) Key Black
33 72 0 0

In Photoshop

Note: The CMYK value shown in Photoshop is different from the one on Pantone’s official page and the one presented above.

Using Shades of Purple Similar to Radiant Orchid

Dribbble allows you to filter results based on color, so I used the Radiant Orchid hexadecimal color code — #B163A3to find the designs below.

Note that these designs don’t color-match with Radiant Orchid quite exactly, and can vary in shade by up to 50%. So I placed a Radiant-Orchid-colored border around them for your reference.

By Jord Riekwel

By Megan Clark

By Social Design House

By Megan Clark

By Tim Denee

By Chris DeLorenzo

By Lucas Jubb