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Typography layout example featuring different text sizes and styles, including a large headline 'Design Instruct' at 48pt, normal and large body text describing Design Instruct as a web magazine for designers, and a small headline 'Designers & Digital Artists' at 24pt.

Font Collection: 10 Free Slab Serif Fonts

1. Museo Slab 500

Created by exljbris, the Netherlands-based font foundry of Jos Buivenga, Museo Slab 500 is a boxy and affectionate slab serif font.

Museo Slab 500

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2. AW Conqueror Slab

This slab serif font is part of the Conqueror free family of fonts designed by award-winning type designer, Jean François Porchez. The font family was inspired by the 60-70’s spirit.

AW Conqueror Slab

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3. Nilland

This slab serif font is by Manfred Klein. Nilland is free, but you’re encouraged by the author to make a charitable donation to Doctors Without Borders especially when you employ his fonts in commercial projects.


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4. Klein Slabserif

Another slab serif font by Manfred Klein, Klein Slabserif distinguishes itself with its intriguing (and almost awkwardly truncated) block-shaped serifs.

Klein Slabserif

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5. Bullpen Heavy

Part of the Larabie Collection — a set of fonts by Ray Larabie, a Canadian font designer living in Japan — Bullpen Heavy is a strong and “masculine” font.

Bullpen Heavy

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6. Chunk

This super-bold slab serif font takes its cue from old American Western typography. Chunk was designed by Meredith Mandel and released through the League of Movable Type.


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7. College

Inspired by typefaces frequently used by U.S. state universities, College (by Matthew Welch) is a slab serif font that can give your work a collegiate theme reminiscent of Animal House.


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8. Nadia Serif

Designed by Switzerland-based graphic designer, Nadia Knechtle, Nadia Serif is a clean, thin but strong slab serif font.

Nadia Serif

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9. Indento Bold

Indento is a futuristic slab serif font by Mugur Mihai. The characters’ brackets are indented inward, resulting in a distinctive aesthetic.

Indento Bold

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10. Tertre Extra Bold

Tertre, a font family inspired “from the French signage tradition,” is a good display face that works well when utilized in terse text blocks.

Tertre Extra Bold

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