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Line graph showing data from 1985 to 2005 for the USA, Russia, UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The USA's line starts high, dips around 1990, then rises. Russia's line starts high, drops sharply around 1990, and levels off lower. The other countries' lines are relatively flat and clustered at the bottom.

Graphing/Charting Data on Web Pages: JavaScript Solutions

Effective data visualization allows users to easily understand and consume otherwise complex, boring information. Plotting your data can serve as a replacement to tabular data, and is also a great way to add practical graphics to your web page or application. There are a variety of ways you can plot data on-the-fly – but in this article we’ll focus on 10 excellent JavaScript solutions to graphing/charting data that allow you to process data client-side.

You’ll also find a link to one of the demonstration pages of the script so that you can see it in action.


Flot - Screen shot. Flot is a data-plotting library developed by IOLA built on top of jQuery.  It’s easy to use, yet feature-packed and elegant. It has a mouse-controlled zooming feature (click and drag over the target area) and some simple user interactivity features such the ability to determine the x and y coordinates of mouse clicks. Demonstration: Different graph types

Flotr Javascript Plotting Library

Flotr Javascript Plotting Library - screen shot. Flotr, written by Bas Wenneker of, is a plotting solution inspired by Flot that uses the Prototype JS library and excanvas.js.

It supports most modern browsers including Internet Explorer 6, and has many features of Flot including mouse tracking, selection, mouse-tracking features. Demonstration: Basic Legend Example

fgCharting Plugin for jQuery

fgCharting Plugin for jQuery - screen shot. fgCharting jQuery plugin is an accessible solution for charting data. It takes data in an HTML table and dynamically transforms the table into charts, allowing non-traditional browsers (i.e.

– screen readers) access to the HTML table. Basic usage involves one line of code to initialize the plugin. Demonstration:  Chart types page


PlotKit - screen shot.

PlotKit is a charts and graphs plotting solution written on top of Mochikit.

PlotKit a complete rewrite of a project called CanvasGraph.js, improving on code structure and adding support for SVG format. Demonstration: SVG Renderer Tests

JavaScript Diagram Builder

JavaScript Diagram Builder - screen shot. The JavaScript Diagram Builder supports several types of chart and graph types including bars, dots, lines, and pie charts. The developer has provided a Browser Support tool to help you check if particular objects/methods of the library are supported by your current browser.

Demonstration: The Bar object

Emprise JavaScript Charts

Emprise JavaScript Charts - screen shot.

Emprise JavaScript Charts offers a free Personal License for their feature-packed charting/graphing script. Check out their feature comparison table of the different types of licenses to see which license is right for you. Demonstration:  Area Chart Example

Dynamic Drive Pie Graph script

Dynamic Drive Pie Graph script - screen shot. DynamicDrive offers a DHTML/CSS based solution for graphing pie charts.

The implementation is straightforward, just include two scripts provided (wz_jsgraphics.js and pie.js), define the values of each segment of your pie chart either inline or in an external JS file, and you’re set!

Dynamic Drive Line Graph script

Dynamic Drive Line Graph script - screen shot. The Line Graph script is another DHTML solution from DynamicDrive that allows you display line graph data. The procedure for implementation is similar to the Pie Graph script.

Canvas 3D Graph

Canvas 3D Graph - screen shot. If you need to graph 3-dimensional data, Canvas 3D Graph is worth checking out. Canvas 3D Graph is written with excanvas.js to support Internet Explorer.

The Dojo Charting Engine

The Dojo Charting Engine - screen shot. The Dojo Charting Engine is a solution written on top of the Dojo Toolkit JavaScript library.

It is a feature-rich solution that includes trend methods for analyzing data on-the-fly, 3D visual bars, and animated hover-over effects. Note that the example test page linked on the project page doesn’t work, here’s the working example page link. Demonstration: Cylinder chart Your favorite charting solution not included in the list?

Have a web page that uses any of the solutions above? Share it with all of us in the comments.

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