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Abstract 3D illustration

Impressive Hand Lettered 3D Typography by Marcelo Schultz

On the left: "Let's Rock Around The World." On the right: Marcelo SchultzOn the left: “Let’s Rock Around The World.” On the right: Marcelo Schultz. Schultz has worked on illustrations for Supra Footwear and multinational digital entertainment products manufacturer Pioneer. He’s from a small city in Brazil called Curitiba. “Brazil is a great reference of good designers and illustrators,” Schultz says.

“Many of them go to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or abroad, ” he adds. However, he says that the local market in Brazil doesn’t pay very well. “99% of the works I’ve made were for abroad,” the artists says.

“People out of Brazil give more worth for the work I do.”

The Process

To produce one of his 3D typography illustrations, he starts off with a sketch. This is how he’s started his projects ever since he was a child. “I usually start making some soft outlines using a mechanic pencil (Pentel GraphGear 500) and graphite 0.5 HB.

These soft outlines serve to give a better position for the components and ensure that everything is balanced in the artwork,” shares Schultz. 01 workingondelicioustype“Working on a delicious type!” Then he refines the components using a graphic 2B pencil, which is thicker and bolder. He sometimes uses a French curve to make the elegant curves that you’ll often see in his pieces.

He then digitalizes the sketches and imports them in Photoshop. He’ll trace the artwork using Photoshop’s Pen Tool in Paths mode. “The lights and shadows are made using a layer set to ‘Multiply’ and the ‘Brush tool’,” He explains.

Hand Lettered 3D Typography Showcase

Here are a few of Marcelo Schultz’s hand lettered 3D typography illustrations. 02 letsrockaroundtheworld“Let’s Rock Around The World” 03a ddqdesign“DDQ Design” 03b ddqdesign“DDQ Design” 04 chaostheory“Chaos Theory” 05 grapelettering“Grape Fever – Lettering” 05b grapelettering“Grape Fever – Lettering” 05c grapelettering“Grape Fever – Lettering” 06 skullsrock“The Skull of Rock!” 07 coffeelovers“Coffee Lovers” 08 doityourself“Do It Yourself” 09 fridaytype“Friday Type – Personal Typography project” 09b fridaytype“Friday Type – Personal Typography project” 09c fridaytype“Friday Type – Personal Typography project” 09d fridaytype“Friday Type – Personal Typography project” 10a nissianstreet“T-Shirt Design – Nesian Street” 10b nissianstreet“T-Shirt Design – Nesian Street” 11 nisstreet“T-Shirt Design – Nesian Street” 11a nisstreet“T-Shirt Design – Nesian Street” 11b nisstreet“T-Shirt Design – Nesian Street” 12a sanfranlettering“San Francisco Lettering” 12b sanfranlettering“San Francisco Lettering” 12c sanfranlettering“San Francisco Lettering” 12d sanfranlettering“San Francisco Lettering” 12e sanfranlettering“San Francisco Lettering”

Did You Like Marcelo’s Work?

You can contact Marcelo through his personal website, He can also be found on Dribbble, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you want to buy some of Marcelo’s prints, head on over to his Society6 online store.

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