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Monochromatic artwork of a person with 'Day of the Dead' sugar skull makeup, featuring hollowed-out eyes, decorative facial patterns, ornate earrings, and a floral headpiece.

Incredible Illustrations Done on Scratchboard

Working with scratchboard is less forgiving than working with pencil and paper since it’s harder to correct mistakes. Scratchboard illustrations are made using sharp blades and scratching implements to create an image. A sheet of china clay is covered with a layer of India Ink which the artist scrapes or scratches off to create the image.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of patience and hard work in this medium. Check out the following short video to get an idea of how these illustrations are made: The images below are done by some really amazing artists who use this more traditional medium to showcase some really pretty innovative ideas and techniques. Enjoy!

Cristina Penescu

image_26_cristina_penescu image_24_scratchboard_cristina_pensecu image_25_scratchboard_cristina_penescu  


image_01_scratchboard_patrushka image_02_patrushka  

Eric Sabee

image_07_scratchboard_eric_sabee image_03_scratchboard_eric_sabee image_06_scratchboard_eric_sabee image_05_scratchboard_eric_sabee image_04_scratchboard_eric_sabee  

Shauna Fannin

image_23_scratchboard_shauna_fannin image_22_scratchboard_shauna_fannin  

Zeb Love

image_28_scratchboard_zeb_love image_29_zeb_love image_27_zeb_love  

Michael Halbert

image_18_scratchboard_michael_halbert image_17_scratchboard_michael_halbert  

Ricardo Martinez

image_16_scratchboard_ricardo_martinez image_15_scratchboard_ricardo_martinez image_14_scratchboard_ricardo_martinez  

Kent Barton


Mark Summers

image_10_scratchboard_mark_summers image_09_scratchboard_mark_summers image_08_scratchboard_mark_summers image_12_scratchboard_mark_summers image_11_scratchboard_mark_summers

Nico Delort

image_21_scratchboard_nico_delort image_20_scratchboard_nico_delort image_19_scratchboard_nico_delort

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