Large-Scale Drawings by Master Illustrators are Sure to Inspire

Sometimes even a typical 8 x 11 in. piece of paper can feel daunting to an illustrator. That’s why the work of the artists featured in this collection is all the more impressive.

The works featured in this post are at least poster-sized, large scale illustrations that really make an impact with their immense detail and flawless technique. We can only imagine the intense focus, time, and not to mention the steady hands needed to create these magnificent works. We encourage you to visit these artist’s impressive portfolios to see more of their work.

Nick Vitelli

image_01_nick_vitelli (26 x 40 in.) image_02_nick_vitelli (26 x 40in.)

Ethan Murrow

image_03_ethan_murrow The Old Aristocratic Colors Break Through (48 x 48 in.) image_04_ethan_murrow Nueva Iguara?n (36 x 36 in.)

Adonna Khare

image_05_adonna_khare   Winner of 2012 ArtPrize. image_06_adonna_khare

Levi Van Veluw

image_07_levi_van_veluw Tectonic Plates (205 x 120 cm.) image_08_levi_van_veluw Plants (205 x 120 cm.)

Benjamin Sack

image_09_benjamin_sack Tokyo image_10_benjamin_sack Hieroglyph I

Melissa Cooke

image_11_melissa_cooke Weightless (50 x 50 in.) image_12_melissa_cooke   Drift (50 x 50 in.)

Joe Fenton

image_13_joe_fenton The Landing image_14_joe_fenton The Landing (Right Panel)

Leah Yerpe

image_15_leah_yerpe Arcas (36 x 92 in.) image_16_leah_yerpe Phoenicis  (72 x 105 in.)

Samuel Gomez

image_17_samuel_gomez Decrypted Savants image_18_samuel_gomez The Wattsnackers (63 x 63 in.) Tell us about your favorite illustrators in the comments section below.


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