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9 Useful Tools for Creating Material Design Color Palettes

One of the biggest things you’ll notice in material design is the use of bold, vibrant colors. Material design’s color guidelines describe the color style as being “inspired by bold hues juxtaposed with muted environments, deep shadows, and bright highlights.” If you need to generate material design color palettes, these online tools will help.

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1. Material Palette

In this tool, you start by picking your primary color and accent color. Afterwards, it will show you a live preview of the generated color palette and offer you a variety of ways to download it. Material palette color palette

2. Material UI’s Material Design Colors

This is a nifty “cheatsheet” that presents all of the material design colors in one page. Cheat sheet that lists all the colors in one page

3. Random Material Generator

Do you want to let fate decide what your color palette should be? Use this tool to randomly choose your material design colors. Random material generator example

4. Material Design Palette Generator

If you’re interested in creating a custom, material-design-like color palette, check out this tool. First, you need to specify a color — and it doesn’t have to be one of the official material design colors — using a color picker dialog window similar to the ones you can find in your favorite graphics editor. The Material Design Palette Generator will then generate color swatches based on your chosen color.

Material design palette generator example

5. Material Mixer

This useful tool shows all material design colors in a conveniently compact grid layout. Click on a primary color and accent color to preview and generate your color palette. material mixer example

6. Material Colors

This tool displays just the 500 and A200 colors of material design color swatches. material design color swatches

7. MaterialUp’s Material Design Colors

This is another simple tool for visualizing material design colors. It shows the primary colors side-by-side. Clicking on a “color bar” shows all of the color swatches associated with that color.

primary colors side-by-side

8. Tint UI’s Material Design

This tool displays just the material design 500 colors. Material design 500 colors example

9. designskilz’s Material Design Colors

This simple tool helps you visualize all the material design color swatches along with their official names (e.g. Pink, Light Blue, etc.). designskilz's material Ddsign colors example

Material Design Color Plugins for Graphics Editors

If web tools aren’t your thing, you can instead install a plugin/extension that integrates the material design color swatches right into your design software.

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