Examples of Successful Longform Content

If one of your company’s goals is to attract more traffic to your site, you’re probably already familiar with content marketing. High-quality, original content is an extremely effective way to rank well in search engine results, and it also shows visitors right from the start that your site is a valuable source of information.

However, not all content is created equal. Short, cursory pages may give readers a general idea of their topics, but they typically don’t provide all the answers that search engine users want.

That’s where longform content really stands out.

We’ve discussed the power of longform content on our blog, and it should come as no surprise that readers prefer content that fully answers all of their questions. Creating in-depth and informative pages is certainly worth your time, and at WebFX, we have the results to prove it.

The following five examples of successful longform content are only from a few of our clients, but all of them have experienced increases in traffic, page views, and rankings, among other KPIs.

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Hear from Our Happy Customers

1. CJ Pony Parts

CJ Pony Parts is a Mustang parts retailer. They use longform articles and blog posts to inform Mustang enthusiasts about specific parts and projects, as well as general auto industry topics.

One example that really stands out is this 2015 Mustang Parts page, which ranked first for its target keyword when they added longform to the page’s existing copy.

As a result of their ongoing long form strategy, CJ Pony Parts has seen tremendous growth in traffic over time.

2. AZ Family Dental

If your clients and customers share common concerns, longform content can be a great way to address them. AZ Family Dental has many examples of this on their site.

This article about bruxism, for example, covers a common dental issue at length, as well as how to deal with it.

Since starting this long form strategy, their overall traffic has steadily improved.

This not only shows the power of constant longform, but also demonstrates how traffic levels improve as content ages. Although you may experience an initial spike with the addition of a new page, the real results are the product of consistency.

3. Black Stratus

Black Stratus provides security information and event management products, and their blog covers a variety of topics related to security.

One of their most successful posts is a longform piece about best practices for maintaining data security in business environments.

The post has earned thousands of views and new visitors since its publication in June 2014, and, when combined with their four other longform pieces, it dramatically increased the traffic to the Black Stratus blog.

4. Vista College

Vista College has a comprehensive content marketing strategy with us, and longform has played a significant role in its success.

This blog post with careers for visual thinkers, for example, receives several hundred organic visitors per month.

As a result of their strategy, which involves five longform pieces per month, their organic traffic has nearly doubled in a year.

5. Baker Lime

Although content of any length can be useful to visitors, Baker Lime is a great example of how longform content outperforms brief blog posts and articles.

This article about limestone for lawns is one of their most successful pieces, and at over 2000 words long, it includes virtually everything a potential customer might want to know about applying lime to lawns.

So how did it perform? For a simple answer, just take a look at the initial spike in traffic it caused, as compared to a spike from standard SEO copy.

As you can see, the page caught a lot of attention — and their traffic continued to increase as a result. In fact, since they’ve started adding longform content, Baker Lime’s year-over-year traffic has increased more than 100%.

Want to start using longform content to attract new customers?

Longform content is one of the most effective ways to attract traffic and potential customers. However, creating in-depth and informative pages requires a serious investment of time and skill.

At WebFX, we have years of experience planning and managing successful longform strategies for our clients, and we’ll do the same for you. Request a free quote or call us at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about how our team of copywriters and content marketers can research, write, and publish content your audience will love.