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Many people with no experience or connections to cancer typically go to the internet to learn more. An oncologist’s website should cater to current and future patients and curious individuals. Keeping your website up to date with oncology services and blogs can be challenging — especially while considering navigation and format.

We have compiled a list of tactics to remember when designing your website. For more marketing information, sign up for our weekly newsletter and get tips on driving revenue delivered to your inbox!

1. Less is more

A busy website is an eyesore that can quickly turn someone away — they don’t want to hunt for an answer to a health concern.

Utilizing a minimalistic design can emphasize your content — why someone is on your page in the first place. Minimal doesn’t have to mean only including the barest essentials. Instead, there should be a balance to create the best look.

Consider the “less is more” tactic on the following characteristics of web design:

  • Color: Researchers have studied color and how it affects our brains. Choose a color palette that matches your brand, but also consider how those colors can make someone feel. For an oncology practice, you want to make your clients feel comfortable and safe. Consider picking colors that display warmth and positivity.
  • Typography: Like color, deciding your fonts can make or break a web design. Be sure to choose fonts that are easy to read, and consider color and size while selecting. 
  • Graphics: Place some pictures with your text to keep a healthy balance. For example, add an infographic on a topic you want to highlight or a photograph of the service on its related page. 

2. Be organized

A less crowded web design can make your website look more organized and professional. Clients and researchers may come to your website seeking an answer to their question, but if they can’t find it, they’ll take their services elsewhere.

To hold their attention, follow your client’s train of thought for where to place the content. Will they look under a blog or service tab? What will help the user experience (UX)? 

UX navigation should allow every user on your site to find the pages they need. Keep it consistent and straightforward and account for mobile devices. In short, ensure every user — no matter where or how — has the same seamless experience when looking through your website.

3. Keep up with trends

Some medical websites are usually created and left alone if there is no need to update information. However, keeping up with modern trends can draw prospects to your site and keep them engaged. After all, 95% of a visitor’s first impression of your business is your website.

A trend that shows a crisp, clean design involves a full-page header. From going on to your site, the header provides the basics to catch a reader’s eye, including key text, call-to-action buttons, and the occasional eye-catching image. Click on WebFX’s blog home page to see an example! 

Continuing the minimalism trend, adding purposeful white space can help visitors flow through your site. Providing a clean slate can allow visitors to think and concentrate on what you’re saying rather than feeling overwhelmed.

4. Build connections

When searching for an oncology provider, people will find the place they feel most comfortable — it’s primarily relationship-based. You can complete several tasks to build these connections.

Including calls to action on your page can prompt individuals to take action, but even adding a contact page provides a space for people to ask questions. Respond quickly, because your practice might not be the only one they reached out to for information.

Social media is another way to connect leads to your business. Include social media buttons on your website for people to visit. Using these platforms, your visitors can get an inside look into your practice, making them feel more connected. People can also reach out with questions over social media.

5. Tell a story

Incorporating compelling stories into your web design can guide individuals through your site with purpose. 

For example, adding success stories from previous clients — while maintaining HIPAA compliance — can give oncology patients hope. This optimistic mindset going into cancer treatments can be beneficial for overall outcomes.

We’ll help you create a website that stands out.

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