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Vine is a mobile video-sharing app that lets users film, edit, and splice together short videos and post them all in one app.

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This holistic approach to user experience makes Vine one of the most accessible and fun to use apps in the world. That's why it has so many users, but it's still pretty young (at least compared to other social networks).

Vine's best content comes in the form of short, catchy videos that can replay multiple times in a row and still maintain the attention of a viewer.

This makes Vine fundamentally different from YouTube by taking away viewer control and placing more control in the hands of the producer.

That means you have the ability to show whatever you want in your vines, and your audience will almost certainly view your content since every video is set to automatically play.

The best days for Vine viewership are Saturday and Sunday, which is unsurprising. Vine is an ultra-condensed YouTube, so if someone wants to enjoy Vine, they're probably going to watch multiple videos when they have free time — the weekend.

Vine users also enjoy watching earlier in the day, around 10:00 or 11:00.

That could be for a number of reasons. Vine's young user demographic may sleep in on most weekends. Or maybe Vine's tech-savvy marketing user base is more active in the morning than the evenings.

Regardless of the reason, that hour-long window is your best chance to reach your target audience.

To keep your reputation and following alive on Vine, it's smart to post about once per day. You can create fewer videos than that if you'd like — but one per day will give users new content to anticipate and a set of expectations for when you're active.

You can track Vine progress by using third-party analytics tools like Simply Measured and Google Analytics.

While these tools aren't endorsed by Vine itself, they're the best platform for obtaining an accurate idea about your Vine following.

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