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In previous guides, we've talked about the potential benefits of marketing on Reddit.

Reddit is an incredibly active community of individuals who come together around common passions. These passions are divided into "subreddits," which are sections of Reddit that people can discuss a topic exclusively.

Subreddits can essentially be anything, there's a subreddit called r/marketing, another one called r/advertising, and others called r/seo, r/ppc, and r/content_marketing.

Basically, if it exists, there's a subreddit for it.

That means you can find your industry subreddit with a little searching, and once you find it, you can start posting valuable links in it to draw traffic from Reddit.

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However, Reddit is a difficult marketing medium. Most social networks are either welcoming or indifferent to marketers. But Reddit users (or "Redditors") can be downright hostile.

If you intend to market on Reddit, you have to take a link from your site, give it a catchy title, and post it in the appropriate subreddit.

And if that link somehow fails to deliver according to Redditors' expectations — even if they find a problem that's irrelevant to the link's topic — you'll hear about it.

That's why it's best to save Reddit for your highest-quality content.

It's also the reason why it's smart to start participating in Reddit as a community member, instead of just treating it like a marketing medium. That gives your account more credibility, and it can (ironically) help you achieve success with future marketing initiatives.

You also need to check out the best times to post on your specific subreddit.

Reddit itself has lots of traffic statistics and information about the site as a whole. But it doesn't have much in terms of individual subreddit information.

That's why you have to go the extra mile and look up your subreddit peak hours yourself.

You can post about once per week on Reddit to maintain a portfolio of participation and overall good will from your fellow community members.

And once you start getting traffic from Reddit, Google Analytics is the best way to track it.

So if you think you're ready to test the waters of one of the most difficult marketing media in the world, give Reddit a shot.

The returns will be worth your effort.

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