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What Is Text Message Marketing?

What Is Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing is the process of engaging your customers by sending them pre-written messages that encourage them to go to your website and convert into a customer.

If you've ever used email marketing, this might already sound familiar. The only difference is that you're sending a message specifically to someone's mobile phone.

But if email marketing and text message marketing are so similar, what's the need for text message marketing in the first place?

People check their phones more often than they check their email — it's a fact. Phones automatically notify owners of new text messages, but they may not tell users about new emails.

For marketers, that means you have a higher chance of someone opening your message and reading it.

Plus, you don't have to think of any subject lines for your text messages — you only need to create the actual message content.

And on top of that, there's the chance that you can catch someone on their phone right as they're looking at your website or shopping at your store. That means you can encourage conversions as your customers are involved with your company!

So at the end of the day, you're working with shorter, simpler, and more direct messages that link back to your website, and there's a much higher chance that someone will actually read them.

It's the streamlined and simplified version of email marketing!

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