The Water Project

Our 2018 Partner

The goal of partnering with The Water Project is to create safe drinking water to the village.

Everyone deserves clean water, and we wanted to do our part to provide it.

What kind of impact will we make?

Our partnership with The Water Project allowed us to provide naturally filtered water to the Kithumba community and teach them about water treatment and hygiene.

Raise $30,000 to Build Sand Dam

Teach Community About Safe Water Practices

Building a Sand Dam in the Kithumba Community

With each sand dam lasting 50+ years, they provide an invaluable resource to the community. Not only do they provide a source of clean water, but they also provide food security and income generation. Most importantly, the sanitary water provided by the sand dams help to keep the community's people healthy.

The sand dam was constructed on a riverbed, which allows for the build up of sand — raising the water table and natrually filtering water.

What makes the sand dam even more beneficial to this community? It brings water closer to homes, so that community members, including children, don't have to travel extensive distances just to get clean drinking water. Not only that, but the clean water will help with agriculture, which will further help the community thrive.

Our donation helped to provide a new source of water for the Kithumba community by way of sand dam. It's a system that will give the local community access to naturally filtered water.

Taking advantage of clean water by teaching hygiene

Lack of hygiene is cause for many illnesses and diseases in areas like the Kithumba Community. With the sand dam that we were able to help build, community members also had a crash course in water treatment and how to avoid water contamination at every step of the water collection process.

Not only that, but community members learned how to make soap, which is a huge benefit to the community — helping aid in good hygiene and health. They were provided clean water, a basin and a stirring rod, along with soap-making ingredients — enough to make 60 liters of soap!

About The Water Project

Why did we choose to work with The Water Project? Simple. Access to clean water helps to improve education, hunger, health, and poverty in communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The statistics are disheartening, as millions of people suffer from lack of access to clean water — burdening them with sickness and poverty.

The Water Project is an amazing organization that helps raise money to help these communities have access to clean water to help improve those communities as a whole.

Not only does clean water improve health, but it also improves agriculture, hygiene, and countless other areas of life.

The Water Project helps communities in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and other locations in the sub-Sahara. The best part is, anyone can donate at any time!