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WebFX: Industry-Leading Content Marketing Agency in 2024

Unlock the power of content marketing, from more traffic to more sales, with WebFX, the content marketing agency that’s driven more than $10 billion in revenue for its clients. Learn how our content creation agency’s services, which include content development, writing, and promotion, will drive revenue for your business by requesting a proposal today.
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Transparent Pricing for Content Marketing Services Tailored to Your Business Goals

When you partner with WebFX, you choose a team that values transparency above all. Our clients consistently praise our comprehensive content planning and reporting tools, along with the honesty and openness of our FXers. These qualities distinguish WebFX from other content marketing agencies.

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Starting at

$1,800 / month

How we determine pricing

content marketing write 1 Monthly Assets Needed

Whether you need 2 blog posts per month or you need support with online guides, infographics, and videos- our custom pricing will depend on your content marketing needs.

research icon with magnifying glass. Content Reporting

Every SEO strategy will come with in-depth monthly performance reports. Content strategies above $3,600/month will also include advanced content reporting as well!

Puzzle icon SEO Investment

Content marketing is generally included within our SEO strategies, but many of our clients opt for additional content marketing to reach their business goals faster.


  • Dedicated content marketing expert
  • Content written by professionals, not AI
  • Collaborative or do-it-for-me content planning
  • Keyword and market research for every asset
  • Diverse content formats from sales copy to explainer videos
  • Options for content boosting through outreach, backlink building, or promotion
  • Complete month to month flexibility to use content “credits” towards supporting assets like CRO
  • Advanced content tools through MarketingCloudFX

Access 65+ content formats with our digital content agency

With more than 65+ content formats and 100+ specialized content writers, our content marketing firm provides your business a one-stop shop for all its content marketing needs. Learn more about some of the content formats you can bring to your site with our content agency, below:

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Content marketing services

From strategy development to writing to editing, our content marketing company takes care of everything with our content marketing services. Plus, we provide routine, transparent reporting to measure your content’s ROI.

Search engine icon.

SEO copywriting services

Produce original, must-share content with our content creation company’s SEO copywriting services and in-house technical and non-technical writers.

Cloud computing icon with arrows coming out of bottom of cloud.

AI SEO copywriting and analysis services

Leverage the power of our machine learning and artificial intelligence platform, MarketingCloudFX, to receive SEO writing guidelines for new content or actionable recommendations for existing content.

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Voice search content optimization services

Access voice searchers with content optimized for voice search. With a dedicated team of SEOs and industry influencers, our content agency can help your voice-optimized content perform and generate results.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing

MarketingCloudFX is our proprietary marketing software built to enable our client’s website strategies and digital campaigns.

With 20+ different features, this client-exclusive platform makes it easier than ever to track digital marketing performance and make strategic decisions.


avg increase in ROI across digital marketing channels


built-in value based on the cost of similar tools

1+ billion

data points to drive your marketing decisions

Channel-Specific ROI Dashboard

Make smarter marketing decisions and maximize your returns with full transparency into omnichannel performance.

  • Automatically calculate cost per lead per marketing channel
  • Easily compare channel performance to make better investment decisions
  • Forecast results and model ROI scenarios

Complete Project Transparency

Project management built in for seamless collaboration and project transparency.

  • Centralized communications to align teams and partners
  • Track goals and priorities to optimize campaigns
  • Get full visibility into what we’re working on to drive your campaigns forward

Ongoing Competitor Monitoring

Stay up to date on competitors to get and stay ahead.

  • Monitor competitor cross-channel marketing strategies
  • Benchmark your business’s performance against key competitors
  • Identify opportunities to pass the competition with digital marketing

Content Planning & Analytics

Seamless content research, planning, and tracking capabilities

  • Full transparency into the research behind our content recommendations
  • Effortless quarterly content planning with your account manager
  • Advanced content analytics by content type, tag, and more


avg increase in ROI across digital marketing channels


built-in value based on the cost of similar tools

1+ billion

data points to drive your marketing decisions

Hear From Our Clients

Learn what it’s like to work with our content marketing agency.

“Working with WebFX has taken our already strong content marketing to the next level. They are a great partner for those just entering the world of SEO based content marketing and for those who want to improve what they are already doing. You’ll see results within a very short time.”


“We have been working with WebFX for several years, and have always been pleased with the level of service we have received. They are unmatched in their knowledge and professionalism.”

Healthcare Company

“We’ve been blown away by WebFX’s work — the depth of the work they are helping us with is crazy and has been a lifesaver for our small team of three. We feel confident that they’ve taken the time to understand our business and our needs and that they’re using their expertise to get us the best results possible.”

Software Company

Read More Client Stories

One Size Does Not Fit All

Select a content marketing service to view custom rates for your campaign

Content Marketing

Grow website traffic, brand awareness, and sales with a content marketing strategy that follows SEO best practices.

SEO Copywriting

Get professional, on-brand, and SEO-friendly content for your site that drives traffic, shares, and revenue for your business.

AI SEO Content

Use the power of IBM Watson to create persuasive, top-ranking content and update past content so you can continue driving revenue.

Explore our content creation agency’s plans and pricing

WebFX, an award-winning content marketing and creation firm, offers custom content plans designed to fit your needs and budget.

Interested in pricing and deliverables for WebFX content marketing plans? Look through the chart below or head over to our content marketing services page for more details about our plans and prices.

FeaturesBasic PlanAggressive PlanMarket Leader Plan
Content assets developed3610
Dedicated Content Marketing expert
Online project management schedule
Keyword research
Monthly Content Marketing Strategy Report
Choose from the following Content Marketing Asset Options – Customized to your business goals
Long-form Content
Website & Social Engagement Videos
Animated Explainer Videos
Live Action Explainer Videos
Motion Graphics
Paid Content Asset Promotion
Content Asset Outreach
Competitor Gap Content Outlines
Voice Search Optimized Content
User Testing Videos + Suggested Actions Summary Reports
1 Personalization Graphic (Equal to 1 Asset)
Rich Media Citations
Competitor Content Gap Intelligence Report
Monitor competitors’ website changes on a monthly basis
Predict your and your competitors’ market share on a monthly basis
Competitor intelligence login to view competitor data
500+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
contentgeniusfx small
Learn more
ContentAnalyticsFX gray
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PredictionGeniusFX gray
Learn more
Monthly Content Marketing Investment:$1,800$3,600$6,000
Need more information? Call Us: 888-601-5359

Content Marketing Agency FAQs

Learn more about content agencies and content marketing with these FAQs:

What is a content marketing agency?

A content marketing agency, or content agency, is a digital marketing company that helps its clients reach their goals using content marketing, which involves developing a strategy and creating, distributing, optimizing, and promoting various types of online content.

What does a content marketing agency do?

A content marketing agency helps and supports clients with their content marketing strategy. They can advise on improvements to make to your content strategy, keywords to target, content topic ideas, and more. Content marketing agencies can also handle your content creation, including blog posts, videos, sales copy, and much more.

What does a content marketer do?

A content marketer spends their days implementing a content marketing strategy for businesses. Depending on their specialty, they may strategize new content topics and keyword targeting ideas, write or edit copy, review new content, manage content projects, create content strategy reports, and more.

How much do content marketing agencies charge?

Prices for content marketing agencies vary, and depend on several factors, including the content type, content length, and content promotion. Typically, small-to-midsized businesses will invest $2000 to $10,000 per month into content marketing.

What makes a great content marketing agency?

There are a few qualities that every great content company has. Let’s talk about a few of the most important.

1. Quality

A great content marketing firm creates high-quality content that drives results for its clients. But how do you know whether or not the content an agency creates for other clients is high-quality?

One simple way is to look up some of the clients featured in the agency’s portfolio and read through the content on their websites. You can then see for yourself whether the content is well-written, useful, and easy to navigate. You can also conduct some quick Google searches to determine how well the content ranks. If it ranks well for relevant keywords, it’s a sign the agency does great work.

high quality content graphic

Another way to tell if a content marketing company provides high-quality content is by looking into the number of satisfied clients they have. It’s even better if the agency provides concrete numbers that define the results they’ve driven for clients.

2. Testimonials and reviews

When an agency is great at what they do, their clients will want to talk about them. A great content creation agency will have at least 200 testimonials and will have a high rating on review sites like Yelp and Clutch.

There is a difference between testimonials and reviews, though. Reviews on websites like Yelp can be a mix of comments, both positive and negative, about an agency. Testimonials, however, tend to all be positive and are typically featured on an agency’s website. That’s why the number of client testimonials an agency has is so telling — because all the comments are positive ones!

Did you know that WebFX has 1,100+ client testimonials?

3. Transparency

The best content marketing agencies will always be transparent. This means that there are no hidden fees or costs and they know how to communicate effectively.

One way to tell if an agency is transparent is by looking to see if they have their pricing online. When agencies post their pricing, you know that their goal is to not waste any time finding clients that fit them, and vice versa. When site visitors and potential clients see a pricing table, they’re able to determine right off the bat if the agency is within their budget. This kind of up-front communication means that neither party wastes their time determining if they’re a good fit budget-wise.

Transparent content marketing agencies will also commit to campaign reporting. This is when the agency lets you know how your campaign is working, the results it’s driving, and more. Without transparent reporting, your agency could be scamming you out of great results without you even knowing.

Before settling on an agency, be sure to determine whether or not they have a reporting system for their content marketing campaigns.

4. They understand that all businesses are different

The best content marketing agencies understand that every business is different and will always insist on developing a custom content strategy just for your company.

They’ll understand that even if two businesses are within the same industry, their goals and the content they want to create may differ, and they’ll construct a campaign to fit that.

Should I hire a content agency?

When it comes down to deciding whether or not you should create and market your content on your own or hire an agency to do so, there are pros and cons to both.

If you’re planning to write and promote your own content, you won’t have to spend a penny. You’ll be doing your own work for free.

However, this can become a hindrance when you’re trying to run your company. Do you have someone that is a fantastic writer that can also do keyword research? Do you know the ins and outs of social media posting and SEO? Are you able to spend the necessary time on content marketing?

If the answer is no, consider working with a content marketing firm.

When you hire an agency to take care of the content aspect of your website, it not only frees up time for you to run your business, but it also ensures that the job is done quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

Agencies are experienced in areas like keyword research and content creation, and they can create customized content that targets the keywords that are most important to you.

They’ll look at a multitude of keywords to decide which ones will have the highest return for your business when they’re targeted and which keywords can be left out of the mix.

WebFX will also help you create content that converts.

Typically, content refers to blogs, informational articles, email contentsocial media content, and more. And if that sounds like a lot to handle on your own, you’re right!

A content marketing campaign has a lot of moving parts, and even though it won’t be free, you can bet that hiring a content marketing company is the best option for your business.

How do I hire the best content marketing agency for my business?

With so many great content marketing agencies out there, it can be hard to pick one that’s the perfect fit. However, there are some criteria that you should follow when making your decision. Along with considering the qualities mentioned above, follow these steps when choosing a content marketing agency.

1. Consider your budget

You should always consider your budget when you’re making a decision about an agency. Check over their pricing pages and decide if their services are something you can afford.

If not, bump them out of the running. There’s no sense in considering them if they don’t fit your monthly budget.

2. Consider their location

Location is something important to consider if you want to meet with your content marketing firm’s representative in person.

If you choose an agency that lives across the country, it won’t be realistic to have in-person meetings on a regular basis. Rather, you’ll be doing most of your communication on the phone or via email.

Communication is often just as effective from states away, but if meeting in-person with your digital content marketing agency is important to you, you should be sure to choose one within reasonable traveling distance.

3. Do your research

Do your research before committing to a content marketing company.

You should search their website to see what their culture is like, how they treat their customers, and what drives their business.

If they seem to be a company that is driven by sales rather than making their clients happy, they might not be the best option. Instead, they should make it obvious that client happiness is their number-one goal.

You should also do your research to ensure that they offer everything that you’re looking for and that they can provide the kind of content marketing strategy that you want.

For example, if there is an agency that fits the budget and location, but they opt not to do keyword research and just write content, you may want to rethink your decision.

4. Check out their testimonials

Before committing to a content marketing firm, you should always read their testimonials to see what other people say about them.

It’s one thing to see if the agency has a lot of testimonials, but it’s another thing to read them and see what other happy clients have to say.

You’ll learn a lot – and they might even help you make a decision. For example, if you’re concerned about turnaround time, and a client testimonial specifically mentions the fast turnaround time, this could be a great sign that the agency can handle a high volume of work and still return it in a timely manner.

You should also read the negative reviews that you see on Yelp! and determine if they warrant a red flag.

If there is a small volume of negative reviews about an agency in comparison to positive reviews, don’t let that sway your decision. There will always be individuals that didn’t like something about an agency, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not right for you.

Why is content marketing important?

No matter your industry, content marketing is extremely important to your business — and for more than one reason. No matter what kind of company you run, content marketing is a great way to inform users about your company, your products, your staff, your facility, and so much more.

Content is how you’ll get users to your site, and once they’ve made it there, it’s one of the elements that can make or break their decision to purchase your product or look elsewhere.

To better understand the value of content marketing, let’s first talk about Google and its ranking algorithm.

In order for users to find you online, it’s extremely important to rank highly in search results. If you don’t, it’s unlikely that users will find your business, especially since 75 percent of searchers don’t look past the first page of results.

search engine user statistic

Google’s goal is to serve users with the search result that best fits their search query. They want to provide content that is beneficial, informative, and user-friendly.

With this information, it’s safe to say that if you don’t have well-rounded content on your site, you likely won’t rank highly in Google, and customers will have a hard time finding you.

Now that we understand the importance of content, why is it so important to market that content?

If users don’t know about the pages on your website, how can your company benefit from them? This is the exact reason why marketing your content is so important.

Marketing your content with strategies like search engine optimization (SEO)social mediaemail marketing, and others allows you to get your keyword-based written material out to your most qualified customers.

When you target keywords important to your industry, you’ll be able to interest customers that are interested in the topics related to those keywords. This means that highly qualified individuals, or those likely to convert, will visit your website, get to know your business, and ultimately convert. Even if they’re not ready to convert right away, they’ll have an awareness of your brand after surfing your website.

The more people that benefit and learn from your content, the faster your business will grow.

Work with WebFX — a top content marketing agency

If you want to start a content marketing campaign for your company, our content marketing agency can help!

When you work with WebFX, you’ll get access to our team of 500+ digital marketing experts, our advanced online marketing software, and a personal account manager who will help develop and implement your custom content strategy and keep you updated about your campaign as it progresses.

Want to learn more about how our content agency can help your business meet its growth goals? Call us at 888-601-5359 or request a free quote online today!

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