Achieve a Higher ROI With the Top Social Media Agency for SMBs

Social media is a go-to online marketing and advertising strategy, but it’s fiercely competitive. A top social media agency like WebFX, however, can help your business market and advertise itself across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, attract more website traffic, or earn more sales, our social media management company can help.

Conquer social with the top social media management agency for small businesses

At WebFX, our social media company for small businesses helps you use social media to its full advantage with custom strategies, dedicated social media specialists, and advanced artificial intelligence.

Our social media agency offers a turnkey solution to social with our services, which include:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Social media advertising
  3. Social media design
  4. Online review management

We also provide a suite of supporting online advertising and online marketing services, which can coordinate with your social media campaigns and amplify their results. For example, our content marketing services can generate viral, shareable content for your social accounts.

Learn more about how WebFX can help your business grow on and off social media by contacting us online or calling us at 888-601-5359! Or, keep reading to discover why we’re one of the best social media agencies for small businesses.

Explore our social media management company’s services

With our social media management company, your business gets everything it needs to build, grow, and profit from its social media presence.

For example, our social media services include:

We also offer specialized services like:

Keep reading to learn more about what our social media management agency’s services include!

74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision.

Make their decision easy with a stellar social media presence. See how your brand can level up by requesting a no-obligation proposal today.

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What do your social media firm’s services include?

While our social media firm offers different plans for marketing and advertising on social media, you can expect whichever plan you choose to include the following:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customized strategy
  • Regular reporting
  • Social media audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • 48 business hour or less response time

Below, you can learn more about the specific deliverables for our social media marketing and social media advertising packages.

Case study: Hear from our social media company’s clients

With our coordinated services and customized strategies, we’ve helped our clients’ businesses earn more than 7.8 million leads, $3 billion in revenue, and 12.9 million managed transactions. If you’re searching for a social media company that can drive results, we’re it.

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Browse our social media company’s marketing deliverables

We offer two social media management plans:

  1. Standard consultation and reporting
  2. Enhanced consultation and reporting


Our standard consultation package works for most clients, but if you’re looking to kick your social media strategy into high gear, the enhanced package could be right for you with its weekly reporting and aggressive strategies.

No matter which package you choose, they both include:

  1. 1-5 social networks
  2. 15-75 posts per month
  3. 2-6 advertising campaigns
  4. 4-12 paid ads
  5. 6-14 social media images
  6. Blog posts (if you opt for 2 or more social networks)
  7. Custom contests (if you opt for at least 4 social networks)
  8. A custom-crafted social media strategy
  9. A social media competitive analysis
  10. A social media audit and recommendations from our expert social media marketers
  11. A dedicated social media account manager
  12. Daily monitoring of included social assets
  13. 48 business hours or less customer response time
  14. Access to WebFX editorial calendar and content publishing tools
  15. Access to WebFX social media contest tools
  16. Access to MarketingCloudFX
  17. Network setup and optimization
  18. Cover photo and profile photo design/optimization
  19. Standard monthly reporting and analysis

With all these included perks, you’re sure to have a well-rounded, beneficial, and effective social media marketing campaign when you work with our social media company.

Browse our social media company’s advertising deliverables

In addition to social media consulting and reporting, WebFX also offers a full suite of social media advertising plans — also offered in standard and enhanced packages.


With our advertising plans, you’ll receive:

  1. 1-5 social networks
  2. 2-6 advertising campaign
  3. 4-12 unique ads
  4. 1-10 custom advertising images
  5. Ad account setup and optimization
  6. Social media remarketing campaign (if you opt for at least 2 social networks)
  7. Monthly advertising targeting and copy tweaks
  8. Demographic targeting (if you opt for at least 2 social networks)
  9. Keywords, interest, user intent targeting (if you opt for at least 2 social networks)
  10. School, profession, and workplace targeting
  11. Company size, industry, and job title targeting
  12. Custom image compression and delivery of source files
  13. Mobile device optimized ads
  14. Installation of network tracking pixels on website
  15. A dedicated social media advertising account manager
  16. 48 business hour response time

Social media advertising can help take your business to the next level, since it helps to increase website visits, conversions, ROI, and more. In fact, social media spending in the U.S. is expected to reach a staggering $56 billion in 2022.

That’s a lot of budget spend, and for good reason — social media marketing drives results!

Growing your social presence with WebFX is a walk in the park.

“WebFX allows growing your social media platforms to be stress-free! They are knowledgeable and adapt to your company needs!”

Learn More About Our Social Media Services

Why invest in social media management?

Whether building an in-house social media strategy or partnering with a social media management company like WebFX, social media offers several benefits, including:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build trust
  • Provide customer support
  • Reduce client churn
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Increase online reach
  • Generate leads and sales online
  • Boost online earnings
  • And more

With social media, you have a platform to connect with new, past, and future clients. In addition, your online presence on networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can help your business improve its customer experience and its bottom line.

Combine these social media benefits with a seasoned social media marketing company, and you have the perfect formula for online success.

What makes WebFX a top social media agency for small businesses?

With so many options, what makes WebFX a top social media company for small businesses?

1. Our social media agency is transparent

We know the importance of planning, and we want you to be able to plan everything from your budget spend to your top-priority goals.

That’s why we offer transparent pricing for all our services. Before you even connect with a WebFX strategist, you know whether we could be a great fit for your company because you’ve seen our deliverables and prices.

We also provide monthly reporting to our clients, so you know how your campaigns are working, what could be improved, and how much you’re spending on ads per month.

There are no secrets with us!

2. Our social media company provides a dedicated account manager

We want you to feel like you’re our top priority, because you are!

To show you your value, we’ll provide you with a dedicated account manager that will immerse themselves in your unique company and specific industry to better understand the goals of your campaign.

We’ll dive into a social media analysis, including a competitor analysis, to understand what your competition is doing, so that we can help propel you to the top of your industry.

Best of all, your dedicated account manager will make your goals their goals — so it’s an all-around win!

3. Our social media agency drives results

In the last 12 months alone, WebFX has generated millions in revenue for our clients. Through our custom strategies, experienced team members, and advanced artificial intelligence tech, we’ve helped our clients earn more than social followers, likes, and shares.

We’ve helped them earn leads, sales, and revenue for growing their businesses.

With our social media management agency, our clients have had the chance to hire new team members, open a new location, launch a new product, acquire competitors, and more. These results are why our client retention rate remains at 91%.

As your partner, we’ll achieve your social media and company goals.

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“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

Bill Craig

WebFX President

Do you need a social media management company?

If you’re questioning whether social media management from an agency like WebFX are right for you, keep reading to learn more about the pros of hiring one of the best social media management agencies for your business!

1. Social media management companies do the work for you

Depending on the package you choose, you’ll be able to essentially hand over your entire social presence to an agency to manage.

This means that instead of having to check your Twitter daily to ensure that you’ve retweeted something beneficial, or having to monitor your Facebook messages, an agency will do it for you.

This frees up a lot of your time.

You can run your business without the hassle of managing your social media presence.

2. Social media management agencies know what they’re doing

When you hire a social media management agency, you’re hiring individuals that know what they’re doing. In an agency setting, employees have been trained in all things social media, and are well-versed in how to recommend the right services to get you the results you’re looking for.

Hiring social media agency tip

They’ll be able to recommend how much you should spend on ads, and they’ll be able to write content that’s geared toward your target audience. They’ll likely also create a social media content calendar to ensure that your profiles always feature new information.

This will keep you from having to learn the tricks of the trade in terms of social media, and allow you to focus on your business.

3. Social media management companies have the tools and resources

Agencies serve hundreds of clients, which means they want to have top-of-the-line tools and resources to ensure that they’re providing the best services.

Social media management agencies (including WebFX) have access to all kinds of resources and tools that allow them to do an incredible job at marketing your company via social media.

They have access to analytics tools, ad platforms, and more, which means you’ll never have to worry about the health of your social media profiles.

For example, with WebFX, you’ll have the opportunity to leverage our client-exclusive marketing platform, MarketingCloudFX. The AI-powered software unifies data from various channels to help you make more strategic decisions and can boost your marketing performance by 20%.

4. Social media management agencies deliver on their investment

If you’re on the fence about hiring a social media agency for your small business, the bottom line is — they will bring you results that outweigh what you pay for in terms of services.

Social media ads are extremely cost efficient, which means they also have a high ROI. This means that you’re not throwing money away, and instead, spending it on a marketing strategy that can truly make more revenue for your business.

How to choose the best social media agency

With so many options, it’s hard to decide what social media agency is right for you. Do you choose the one that is known to drive results, or the one that is close to home?

The fact that there are so many social media management firms out there guarantees that you don’t have to settle – and that you can find the perfect social media management company for you.

Here are some tips for deciding on the right agency to advertise your business with social media.

1. Get to know the agency

Before you sign on the dotted line, you should be sure that you get to know the social media company. This means talking on the phone and having all your questions answered.

You should always have a consultation with the agency before making any decisions, since this allows you to learn more about their offerings, pricing, and company.

First, talk to them about their pricing. It’s a huge red flag if a social media management company isn’t transparent about their pricing, because it likely means there will be hidden costs and fees.

In addition, every agency should understand that for clients to decide if they’re the right option, you have to talk budget.

You should also talk to them about the services they provide, and never settle for an agency that doesn’t provide all the services you’re looking for. With social media, you might want to invest in organic or paid social media marketing — or a combination of the two.

For example, if you’re set on having a Facebook marketing campaign with paid ads, blogs, and contests, you shouldn’t settle for a social media ad agency that only offers paid ads.

Make sure you understand the services they offer, the services you want, and how much it will cost for the package of your choice.

You should also ask for information about their company.

Is all their work done in-house, or do they outsource? Have they served clients in your industry? How many years have they been serving clients?

Answers to these questions will help you decide if they’re a great social media strategy agency for your business.

2. Consider the agency’s location

When location matters to finding social media agency

Though it’s not necessary to meet in-person to discuss your social media campaign, some people prefer it that way, and that’s okay!

If you’d rather have in-person meetings instead of Skype, email, or phone communication, location is something to consider.

Though some social media agencies will fly to your location to talk details, and even fly to you on a regular basis to talk about your campaign, you should always be sure to ask.

Otherwise, if you prefer to meet in-person, you should choose a social media strategy agency that is close to home, or at least a drivable distance.

3. Don’t forget about budget!

Budget is important — even though we wish it wasn’t. Although we all wish we had an unlimited budget, the fact of the matter is, when you run a business, you have to budget your expenses to ensure that all aspects of your business are taken care of.

You can’t spend your entire budget on social media marketing, which is why you have to determine how much you’re willing to spend, and stick with it.

First, do your research so that you can create a realistic budget for your social campaign. Blindly setting a budget won’t get you far, since you could be completely off the mark.

Properly planning your budget means you’ve done your research, and you know how much it will cost to accomplish your social media marketing goals.

This will also help you to make a shortlist of potential social media firms, so that you don’t have to talk to everyone you come across, which saves you time and energy.

4. Create a shortlist of agencies

Speaking of shortlists, you should create one! This will help the whole process to run smoothly and save you precious time and energy.

After you’ve considered the things mentioned above (budget, location, company culture), you’ll want to make a shortlist based off your decisions.

Once you’ve set a budget, it makes it extremely easy to go through a list of potential social media agencies and cross a hefty amount off your list.

From there, you can cross off ones that are too far from your business to travel, and you’ll be ready to start making phone calls.

After you’ve talked with each potential agency, you’ll be able to “shorten” your shortlist to a very shortlist and discover which social media company is a great match for your company.

5. Don’t settle for a social media agency

Tip for finding social media agency

Last but not least, don’t settle for an agency.

The process of finding the perfect social media management agency for you is a time-consuming process. You shouldn’t settle on an agency just because they fit your budget, they’re around the corner from your business, or they’re the first one you called.

It’s likely that you won’t be satisfied with the results if you don’t put in the time to find the perfect agency for you.

So instead of losing money and seeing subpar results, take the time up front to do your research, and give yourself ample time to find the social media management agency that will drive results for your business.

Good agencies have more than 50 testimonials.

Great agencies have more than 100 testimonials.

WebFX has over 1000+ glowing client testimonials.

See What Makes Us Stand out

How much do social media management services cost?

That’s a question with an easy answer. At WebFX, our social media company publishes its pricing online. Check out our most-up-date plans and rates below:

Social media management: Standard consultation and reporting plans (Monthly)

Number of Posts per Month102030
Custom Images per Month81012
Number of Networks1Up to 2Up to 3
Social Media FuelFX Assets Included11.52
Vertical Content CreationAdd $1,200/monthAdd $1,200/monthAdd $1,200/month
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Competitive Analysis
Social Media Brand Reputation Analysis
Social Media Audit + Recommendations
Dedicated Social Media Account Manager
Daily Monitoring of Included Social Assets
48 Business Hour or Less Customer Response Time
Personal Social Media Consultations per Month124
Access to WebFX editorial calendar & content publishing tools
Standard Monthly Reporting and Analysis
Network Setup & Optimization
Cover Photo & Profile Photo Design/Optimization
500+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Boosted Posts per Month246
Required Boosted Post Spend$100$200$300
Setup Fee$4,500$6,300$7,200
Ongoing Management Fee$3,000$4,200$4,800
Need more information? Call Us: 888-601-5359GET STARTEDGET STARTEDGET STARTED

Social media management: Enhanced consultation and reporting plans (Weekly)

Number of Posts per MonthUp to 15Up to 30Up to 45Up to 60Up to 75
Number of Custom Images per Month Included with Posts68101214
Number of Boosted PostsUp to 2Up to 4Up to 6Up to 8Up to 10
Number of Custom Contests Included per Year00011
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Competitive Analysis
Social Media Brand Reputation Analysis
Social Media Audit + Recommendations
Dedicated Social Media Account Manager
Daily Monitoring of Included Social Assets
Monitoring of Boosted Post Comments$175/monthMon., Wed., Fri.DailyDailyDaily
48 Business Hour or Less Customer Response Time
Weekly Call or Campaign Status Update
Standard Weekly Reporting & Analysis
Access to WebFX editorial calendar & content publishing tools
Access to WebFX social media contest tools
Standard monthly reporting and analysis
Access to MarketingCloudFX
Network Setup & Optimization
Cover Photo & Profile Photo Design/Optimization
500+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Ongoing Monthly Campaign Investment (Enhanced Consultation and Reporting)$2,150$2,550$2,850$3,150$3,350
Required Boosted Posts Ad Spend (Enhanced Consultation and Reporting)$100 – $200$200 – $400$300 – $600$400 – $800$500 – $1,000

How much do social media advertising services cost?

Again, that’s a question with an easy answer. We publish our prices online, so check out our most-up-date plans and rates below:

Included Networks
Number of networks includedPick up to 2Pick up to 3
Facebook Advertising Campaigns
Instagram Advertising Campaigns
LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns
TikTok Advertising Campaigns
Pinterest Advertising Campaigns
AdTechFX Programmatic Advertising
— 3rd Party Audience Targeting
— Account-Based Retargeting
— CRM Pipeline Retargeting
Management Deliverables
Dedicated Social Media advertising account manager
500+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Initial campaign strategy development
Number of advertising campaignsUp to 8Up to 10
Audience analysis
Ad campaign copywriting
Ad campaign copywriting
Ad copy and design performance testing
Ongoing campaign testing and optimization
Dynamic ad format testing
Consultations per monthUp to 2Up to 4
International campaign management (networks dependent on international policy – addtl. fees may apply)Upon request
All social assets managed through client-owned accounts
Monitoring clicks, conversions and fraud activity
Monitoring of social ad commentsAdd $300/monthAdd $600/month
Creative Deliverables
Social Ad CreativesUp to 2 setsUp to 4 sets
Display Ad CreativesUp to 2 sets of rapid display creatives – 16 ads total (8 per set)Up to 2 sets of custom layout display creatives – 16 ads total (8 ads per set)
Connected TV Commercial Ads1 15-second rapid ConnectedTV ad1 set of custom CTV ads 15-30 seconds with voiceover (2 videos total)
Audio CommercialAdd 1 FuelFX AssetAdd 1 FuelFX Asset
Setup of 1 FunnelsFX Landing Page template
Performance Reporting
Monthly performance & analysis reporting
Website conversion analysis reporting
IntegrationsFX: Conversion Based Smart BiddingIncluded with MarketingCloudFX License Included with MarketingCloudFX License
IntegrationsFX: Automated Lookalike + Custom AudiencesIncluded with MarketingCloudFX License Included with MarketingCloudFX License
Initial Campaign Investment (Month 1)$1,975$4,250
Ongoing Monthly Campaign Investment (Months 2+)$975 or 15% of ad spend, whichever is greater$2,250 or 12% of ad spend, whichever is greater + $250 AdTechFX Platform Fee
Required Ad Spend Range$1,000 – $15,000$15,000+
Need more information? Call Us: 888-601-5359GET STARTEDGET STARTED

Partner with a trusted social media management company

If you’re putting together your very own shortlist of potential social media agencies for your business, be sure to add WebFX.

What makes us special is that we’re a full-service digital marketing agency — which means that we also offer tons of other services that will pair wonderfully with your social media campaign.

We offer services including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC)email marketingcontent marketingreputation managementwebsite design and development, and more.

We truly are a package deal, and if you work with us, you’re guaranteed to see your business grow and flourish.

If we haven’t yet convinced you, WebFX is also an award-winning company, and we have been for years.

We’ve been the number one place to work in Pennsylvania for seven years running, earned an UpCity National Excellence Award, and have a client recommendation score of 488%.

As a team of over 500 digital marketing masters, we’ve clocked over 1.6 million hours of expertise, and created over 165,000 social posts for clients.

Not to mention, we have one of the largest collections of client testimonials of any digital marketing agency. We have 1000+!

Whether you’re looking to put your business on the map with social media marketing or improve an existing social media campaign, WebFX is here for you.

You can contact us online for a free quote or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a specialist!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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