Lead Management System: Reclaim Your Time and Increase Your Sales

Looking for a way to increase your sales? Wishing you had a better way to track your most lucrative lead sources? Want to streamline the sales funnel process for your company? Need to identify new Internet marketing opportunities?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, a lead management system from WebFX may be your solution. But what is a lead management system? And how does it help a business?

With a lead management system, you'll save your company time and money while improving the overall effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts. And because it integrates seamlessly with your Internet marketing strategies, you'll be able to streamline your sales process across various initiatives. This makes your LMS leads especially valuable to your business.

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Online lead management system from WebFX

Online lead management systems are specifically designed to track your newest potential customers. This tracking shows you everything they do on your site over time so you can send them information and resources that makes them take the final steps to becoming a customer.

The best part about online lead management is that it works for every industry. It doesn't matter whether you manufacture high-grade commercial trucking equipment or hand-craft glass vases — you can track and note every person on your site and what they do.

All of this data opens up the potential for you to directly and accurately target your prospects with different information. That information could be how-to guides, customer testimonials, proof of your past successes, or anything else that encourages people to become new customers. But when you use lead management systems, you won't have to guess at what'll make new customers convert — you'll have all the data you need right at your fingertips.

Our system gives you control over the entire acquisition process, which typically involves four steps:

  1. Lead generation - create customer interest through various marketing tactics.
  2. Conversion to a sales lead - customers have expressed interest in a product, and the data recording begins.
  3. Lead sorting - categorize leads, distinguishing which are qualified and which are unqualified. Prioritize leads based on the likelihood of conversion.
  4. Lead nurturing - contact leads and schedule follow-up as necessary. Follow-up can mean drip-marketing campaigns or direct contact from a sales rep.

So now that you know what online lead management can do for you, how can you make it a reality for your business?

Invest your digital marketing dollars in all the right places

Why spend money to drive multitudes of traffic to your website via a variety of Internet marketing methods without fully understanding which methods are actually providing maximum ROI? If you are unclear on the results you are getting from any or all of your marketing campaigns, you need an online lead management system. It'll allow for the precise measurement and tracking you require to ensure that every element of your website is creating the highest return.

With an online lead management system from WebFX, you are provided with the information essential in identifying the difference between the money you are spending on each marketing initiative and the return you're getting as a result.

With our software, you will be able to track the success of every campaign you run. By understanding where your converted web leads and phone calls originated, you can determine your most critical marketing campaigns and where you should invest your marketing dollars to ensure optimal ROI. With that in mind, lead management systems are integral to the optimization process of many businesses.

After deciding to use a lead management system, you will have the data you need to make more informed marketing decisions in an easy-to-use platform. With the numerous possibilities you have when creating sales pipeline reports, you'll be able to measure effectiveness of specific marketing strategies and tailor ongoing and future strategies accordingly. By understanding where the majority of your quality leads are coming from, you can better understand where to focus your marketing efforts.

How much does lead management software cost?

Make data-driven digital marketing decisions

Whether you are currently, or considering, running an SEO, Pay-Per-Click, social media, email marketing campaign or any other of the breadth of marketing campaign options you have to choose from, our lead management system can help you recognize which campaigns are performing well for you and which ones aren't.

Featuring a comprehensive and convenient dashboard, WebFX brings all of your campaigns' successes and blunders into one central location so you can assess performance and better understand how to properly invest your marketing spend moving forward.

Don't make assumptions or "educated guesses" just to ultimately experience a monetary loss. You can easily know and understand which Internet marketing campaigns are performing best for you, which ones may not be driving as much revenue, and which ones you could drop so you can experience the best monetary gain. Leads management systems provide all of that data and then some so you can fine-tune your methodology.

Measure and track profitability with an online lead management system

Any and all campaign metrics will be captured so you can easily learn where your leads originate. Moreover, any contact form submitted via your website or phone call made using our call tracking service is automatically recorded into your online lead management system for comprehensive and convenient reporting.

It'll not only enable you to better track your sales leads and where they came from, it will also measure the effectiveness of your sales process as well as specific marketing campaigns and help streamline the processes accordingly. This makes a leads management system valuable for offline use as well, allowing you to cover all of your marketing strategies to determine their value.

Populated with your company's data, your system will break down your sales funnel into a visual process. Potential customers can be organized by date contacted, contract value, location in the funnel, lead source and much more. The merging of all of this data allows you to better visualize your processes and, as a result, make more informed process development and web marketing decisions.

Lead Management System CRM Chart

You'll be able to view every lead and sale in a variety of ways. Your lead management system will allow you to select date ranges and filter data by lead source and more, so you can easily compare performance in any way you choose. You'll know exactly where your sales are, where they came from and where they are headed, with a simple click of the mouse.

But it doesn't stop there - every lead that comes in will be recorded and easily found within the dashboard, so you won't miss out on any potential sales. Imagine what never overlooking or dropping the ball on one quality lead can do for your bottom line. With all of the data and information you acquire from a lead management system, you can make sure you turn as many potential customers into paying customers as possible.

Lead Management System CRM Chart

It's not just one part of your marketing strategy that gets a good ROI — it's a supplement that increases the ROI of every part of your marketing! And the whole time you use lead management systems, you can constantly see and quantify your success with hard data.

Internet marketing is one of the only fields that yields such incredibly detailed, thorough data. If you don’t take advantage of this data through a lead management system, you’re simply leaving money on the table!

That's how you turn occasional site visitors into paying — and even recurring — customers. But now, let's take a look at how lead management systems blend with your existing sales funnel.

Visualizing and streamlining your sales path = Maximized ROI

It's absolutely pivotal to understand the sales funnel and the path potential customers take from the moment they fill out a lead form to when they finally decide to buy.

Thanks to your lead management system CRM, you'll be able to see exactly what areas need improvement. By pinpointing weak areas, you'll be able to take action to continually improve and simplify your sales process. Redundancy will be eliminated, resources maximized and your bottom line improved resulting in higher ROI for your company.

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Customize your leads management software for optimum effectiveness

WebFX lead management system CRM is customized to meet your company's unique business marketing and sales generation needs. All necessary information regarding each account that comes in via web leads is added directly into your system. Plus, with customized lead form web fields, lead source, branding integration, and more, you'll have an online lead management system that meets all of your business' operational needs. Our software will enable you to capture as many leads as possible to help your business grow.

Whatever your business operation needs may be, WebFX can provide you with the best lead management system that is sure to improve your profitability. Call 888.449.3239 or contact us online today to discuss a lead management software solution customized for your business.