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marketing work management platforms

Marketing Work Management: Definition and Top Platforms to Use

Marketing work management is a practice businesses use to organize all aspects of marketing work and projects. Through marketing work management, you can ensure your team avoids costly communication breakdowns and effectively manages project workflow.

Keep reading to learn how you can transform your marketing team into a well-oiled machine with marketing work management, including:

  • What is marketing work management?
  • Why is marketing work management important?
  • 10 best marketing work management platforms

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What is marketing work management?

Marketing work management is the process of organizing communications, workflows, resources, and all other aspects of marketing work to help marketing teams better streamline their day-to-day work.

Marketing work refers to all the activities related to executing marketing projects, campaigns, and programs. This includes:

  • Project handoffs
  • Tasks
  • Task assignments
  • Time and resource management and tracking
  • Team communication
  • Project milestones
  • And more

Why is marketing work management important?

Marketing teams juggle a lot of different tasks to successfully complete a project. From project management to tracking time until completion and ensuring clear communication between teams and clients, marketing teams have their hands full.

Marketing work management is an important practice and crucial part of managing a successful marketing team because it keeps your team organized. More importantly, marketing work management helps keeps your team on track to complete tasks in a timely manner and consistently wow your clients.

How do I manage marketing work?

While you can manage marketing work manually, marketing work management software is the way to go. Instead of having notebooks, calendars, and spreadsheets galore to keep track of marketing projects and all that goes into completing them, marketing work management software simplifies all of that.

Marketing work management organizes marketing workflows and processes by aggregating it all on one accessible platform. From your marketing work management platform, you and your team can handle tasks and projects more efficiently and better communicate with colleagues and clients.

With the right marketing work management software at your disposal, your team can enjoy benefits like:

  • Seamless communication between teams and clients
  • Efficient task and resource management
  • Task automation
  • Team oversight tools for better accountability
  • Digital file sharing
  • Transparent reporting

In short, marketing work management platforms simplify marketing workflows and give marketers a more comprehensive view of their team’s productivity, collaboration, and overall efficiency.

10 best marketing work management platforms

In no order, check out 10 of the top marketing work management tools out there today:

  1. Asana
  2. Basecamp
  3. Wrike
  4. ClickUp
  5. Hive
  6. Trello
  7. Monday
  8. Zoho Projects
  9. Toggl Plan
  10. Teamwork

Whether you’re looking for a simple, free marketing work management software or want to invest in a paid one with additional features, we’ve got you covered.

1. Asana

Pricing: Free plan available, or starting at $10.99 per user per month

Key Features: AI, workflow builder, project timelines

asana marketing management

Recognized as a leading marketing project management software by G2 and Forrester, Asana includes robust features that allow for cross-team collaboration. With hundreds of API and native integrations, your organization won’t have to sacrifice the tools you already rely on.

2. Basecamp

Pricing: Starting at $15 per user per month

Key Features: Customizable to-do lists, messaging, file sharing

basecamp marketing project management

Basecamp is home to all the project management tools you know and love. Customizable project dashboards? Basecamp has ‘em. Cross-team collaboration and messaging? They have that too. Basecamp simplifies marketing work management on one easy-to-use platform for all companies.

3. Wrike

Pricing: Free plan available, or starting at $9.80 per user per month

Key Features: Project dashboards, project resource planning, cross-tagging

wrike marketing work management

Wrike helps businesses manage their marketing work in one place with ease. With campaign planning tools and key performance insights, your team can stay on top of all your marketing projects without worrying about tasks falling through the cracks.

4. ClickUp

Pricing: Free plan available, or starting at $5 per user per month

Key Features: AI, whiteboards, templates

clickup marketing work management

With over 10,000+ five-star reviews on G2 Crowd and Capterra, ClickUp is a prime marketing work management platform that houses project and task management tools, real-time chat functionality, goal-tracking capabilities, and more!

5. Hive

Pricing: Free plan available, or starting at $12 per user per month

Key Features: Time tracking, cross-company collaboration, goal tracking

hive marketing work management

Hive allows companies to manage marketing work through the ways that work best for them. With nine different project layout options, from Kanban to Gantt view, you can outline the tasks and details of your marketing projects in whatever way fits your team.

6. Trello

Pricing: Free plan available, or starting at $5 per user per month

Key Features: Customizable workflows, task automation, templates

trello marketing work management

With Trello, you can stay organized no matter the project, workflow, or type of team you oversee. Trello includes ready-to-use and customizable templates that outline the path to success and automation tools that help streamline workflows and save time.

7. monday

Pricing: Free plan available, or starting at $8 per user per month

Key Features: Project overviews, task management, goal tracking

monday marketing work management

Loved by users for its usability, monday work management helps businesses plan and execute marketing projects on an organized and collaborative platform. Complete with resource and task management tools, monday helps your team stay on top of all your projects.

8. Zoho Projects

Pricing: Free plan available, or starting at $5 per user per month

Key Features: Task automation, charts and reporting, mobile access

zoho projects marketing work management

Zoho Projects offers a comprehensive platform that helps you manage all of your marketing work. Manage tasks, time, resources, and of course, your team members, through work and project structure dashboards that lay out all the details of your most important projects.

9. Toggl Plan

Pricing: Starting at $8 per user per month

Key Features: Project planning, resource planning, task management

toggl marketing work management

Planning out new projects. Keeping track of resources. Staying on top of tasks. Toggl Plan provides companies with a marketing work management platform that has the capabilities to help you do all those things and more on a marketing work management platform that’s easy-to-use and doesn’t overwhelm your team. 

10. Teamwork

Pricing: Free plan available, or starting at $5.99 per user per month

Key Features: Time tracking, resource management, budget tracking and management

teamwork marketing management

Teamwork knows every business has a particular way of doing things. With a variety of project dashboard view options to choose from and integration options, you can create project workflows that suit your team and promote productivity.

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