Is Marketing the Same as Advertising?

The belief that marketing is the same as advertising is a common mistake. The fields are similar in that they can both increase your sales, but they have many differences, too. If you want to know if marketing is the same as advertising, the simple answer is no.

In a nutshell, marketing is an umbrella field of work that includes advertising. Advertising on its own is a little more specific.

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How are marketing and advertising the same?

Both marketing and advertising lead potential customers to you. They both work to entice prospects to learn more about your product or service and encourage them to use your services.

However, they use different means of attracting customers. Since marketing is so broad, it has a greater range of possibilities than advertising.

How are marketing and advertising different?

First, it’s helpful to define marketing and advertising.

  • Marketing: Promoting your business to sell products or services.
  • Advertising: A paid, persuasive message used to appeal to customers and potential customers.

Essentially, marketing is anything done to convince people you’re selling something worthwhile, which can include everything from word-of-mouth recommendations to posting a fun photo on social media.  Advertising, on the other hand, is the act of communicating to consumers that your product exists, typically through paid, direct means.

The basics of marketing

Marketing encompasses everything that’s done to get your product to the consumer. There are four P’s in marketing:

  • Product. Every business needs something to offer.
  • Price. The product needs to be at a fair and profitable price.
  • Place. If you want to sell your product, you have to offer it in the right location.
  • Promotion. Promoting your products includes the strategies and methods you need to raise awareness and encourage sales.

Marketing is the big picture. It involves everything that takes a product or service from creation to the consumer, and it involves much more than just promotion. Marketing includes determining who your audience is, as well as learning everything you can about them. You want to know as much as you can about the demographics that are interested in your brand, so you can focus your marketing and advertising efforts in the appropriate places.

Marketing also includes determining the product, website design, logo, slogan, color choices, and everything else that includes your branding.

Different types of marketing

Like businesses, themselves, marketing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are so many different kinds from which to choose that you can pick out the one that works best for your business. While this is not an exhaustive list, marketing types include:

How to market

Marketing is any act or strategy that takes places with the end goal of putting you in touch with the consumer, beginning with product creation and through to the process of continually making sales. You can accomplish all of this by:

  1. Studying your target audience.
  2. Developing a campaign.
  3. Creating your brand image.
  4. Collecting resources.

Now that marketing is nailed down, it’s time to take a look at the much more specific world of advertising.

The basics of advertising

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Advertising is anything done to present your product to the marketplace. Making your product known to the right audience is imperative, so advertising is a crucial component of any successful marketing plan.

An effective advertising should have the following components:

  • Clear objectives of what you want to accomplish
  • Knowledge of the right media to use to follow
  • A budget
  • A message to deliver
  • A process for evaluation and reflection

Different types of advertising

There are many different types of advertising methods, all of which can deliver different results depending on your industry or niche, including:

  • Product advertising. This type of common advertising is used to promote products directly.
  • Corporate advertising. Revolving around building a firm’s corporate image, corporate advertising focuses more on public relations than sales.
  • Direct response advertising. When you ask prospective customers to provide information about themselves, usually in exchange for a free product, it’s the start to direct response advertising, also sometimes to referred to as direct response marketing.
  • Financial advertising. This type of advertising helps your business attract funds if you need them by reaching out to investors.

How to advertise

Once you’re ready to appeal to the masses, you should take the following general steps:

  1. Determine your preferred advertising medium.
  2. Develop an appropriate advertising campaign.

Good advertising campaigns focus on the benefits of what you’re advertising. People want to know what’s in it for them and how your product or services will make their lives easier. If you want them to remember you, tell them what sets you apart.

Is marketing the same as advertising?

Advertising is a type of marketing, and both marketing and advertising have their own processes. Remember that advertising typically is one of your biggest marketing expenses. All of your marketing expenses should work together as a unified whole.

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