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How to Advertise on Netflix
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How To Advertise On Netflix: What You Need To Know About The Ad-Supported Tier

Netflix has given us many things: From 80s nostalgia in Stranger Things to delicious period dramas and romances with Bridgerton. But now? The popular streaming platform is adding advertisements to that list.

While audiences may not be entirely thrilled about this notion, it’s an exciting development for marketers looking to expand their brand’s ad reach and attract new leads with video advertising.

With advertising becoming a new staple of the streaming service, it’s vital that advertisers know how to advertise on Netflix. Enter WebFX!

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Ready to learn more about how to advertise on Netflix? Read on to learn all about the basics of Netflix ads and what you can do as a marketer to succeed on the new ad-supported subscription.

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Netflix with ads? No way

Netflix is an over-the-top (OTT) platform, meaning subscribers can watch movies and TV shows on demand through any device that has Internet access via a subscription to the service.

For years, Netflix has remained one of the only major streaming platforms to not show ads before and during their programs. But, with major competitors like Hulu and Peacock offering basic subscriptions that come with ads (but cost less per month), Netflix began losing a significant amount of subscribers.

This event set off alarm bells everywhere in the streaming industry, but through it all, Netflix maintained that it would remain ad-free for its viewers.

That is, until now.

Starting on November 3rd, 2022, Netflix will be offering a new subscription tier, Netflix Basic with Ads.

How to advertise on Netflix Basic with Ads

Being an OTT platform, Netflix is a prime advertising channel because of its access to millions of viewers who use the service every day. This makes the news of an ad-supported tier huge for advertisers looking to expand their marketing campaign’s reach.

Take a look at how Netflix ads will look when they launch, and how you can begin planning your Netflix advertising campaigns.

Netflix ad format, specs, and details

netflix ad example

Netflix ads offer an exciting opportunity to develop creative, show-stopping video ads that drive brand awareness. Read on to learn about Netflix’s ad structure and the platform’s ad targeting options.

Netflix ad specs

On Netflix, advertisers can run video ads ranging from 15-30 seconds long. These advertisements will run before and during streaming programs to ensure maximum ad exposure to viewers.

Ad length and frequency

Netflix will have a strict frequency cap on the number of ads shown to users each day, as well as the number of times an ad will repeat, meaning advertisers should expect roughly four to five minutes of advertising space per hour.

With only 15-30 seconds to “wow” your audience and hundreds of advertisers to compete with for the four to five minutes of ads per hour, it’s important that you create an attention-grabbing ad to earn that valuable airtime.

Ad targeting options

Netflix top 10

Though it won’t be available immediately upon launch, advertisers looking to promote their brand on Netflix can target their ads by parameters like:

  • Genre
  • Country
  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Content rating
  • Time of day

Additionally, advertisers can target Netflix’s ever-changing, daily ranking of the top 10 TV shows and movies trending on the platform. This is a fantastic way for advertisers to get maximum ad exposure to increase audience awareness and brand visibility. Though there’s no ETA on this feature yet, you can bet it will be available for advertisers pretty soon after launch!

Why you should consider advertising your business on Netflix

Netflix currently boasts approximately 220 million paid subscribers. With the launch of its less expensive, ad-supported membership tier, Netflix is expected to reach 500 million subscribers.

The sheer number of subscribers alone is enough to warrant an advertiser’s full attention. With such a large audience available, learning how to advertise on Netflix is a must for those with businesses looking to expand their audience.

Advertising on streaming and OTT platforms like Netflix allows marketers to develop personalized advertisements that better reach their intended audience and improve return on investment (ROI).

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