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Why Do You Only Have One Website?

Let’s say… Your business, Quality Firearm Cases, has a problem. Demand for your product has plummeted and revenues are falling fast.

You’re leaning on an unlikely side product to stay afloat: plastic tubes for telescopes. Turns out gun cases and telescopes are made from the same materials. You need a way to jumpstart your telescope business.

Most of your gun cases are sold through your website, but getting viable leads for telescopes would be virtually impossible at

So what should you do?

My advice: Build a whole new site for your telescope goods. The internet isn’t like real life. In real life you have one store with one sign, and therefore usually have only one thing to sell.

People tend to think of the internet as an extension of the real world: “I have a physical business, and I need a website that reflects what my business is.”

But online it’s different. You can build a virtual store around every single one of your core competencies. It doesn’t make sense to try to sell telescope tubes to people looking for firearm cases (or even to have the two groups of customers come to the same site), but both of your products deserve an equal shot at being sold.

If your business handles two completely different services, the best way to give each a chance at thriving is to build sites around each service.

A potential client will be confused with a site that tries to sell him gun cases and telescopes at the same time, but be delighted with one completely devoted to what he’s looking for.

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