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Is GoDaddy SEO Worth It? Our GoDaddy SEO Review
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Is GoDaddy SEO Worth It? Our GoDaddy SEO Review

While GoDaddy has built a reputation as a popular web hosting site, did you know they also offer search engine optimization (SEO) services? GoDaddy SEO offers a unique deal for businesses — you can, in theory, host and promote your site all on one convenient platform.

But, is it worth it? Will it improve your site visibility and help you grow?

This GoDaddy SEO review will help you determine whether it’s a good fit for your business. We’ll give you the scoop on GoDaddy SEO through the following breakdown:

Read on to dive deeper into GoDaddy SEO!

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What is GoDaddy SEO?

GoDaddy SEO is the company’s feature that helps you improve your website’s visibility, traffic, rankings, and more. They offer two options to help you with SEO: A tool called GoDaddy Search Engine Optimization or GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility, and managed services.

GoDaddy SEO features

Depending on your current SEO. Let’s look at each below:

GoDaddy’s SEO tool

This SEO tool is a basic DIY option for improving your site if you host with them already. Their website walks you through the steps of improving your site’s SEO, like adding more keywords, and lets you track your website’s performance for a monthly fee.

Essentially, it’s a keyword-focused SEO tool that also tracks rankings.

godaddy tool

GoDaddy’s managed SEO services

If you want a slightly more in-depth approach, you can opt for GoDaddy’s SEO services. The managed SEO services include the following features:

  • An appointed account manager: Every business gets one account manager to oversee and manage their site’s SEO success.
  • Site audit: All of their SEO services begin with an audit of your website, target audience, and market.
  • Keyword analysis: They perform keyword research and make edits to your website to integrate more impactful phrases. They also add comments throughout the web that include links back to your website and high-value keywords.
  • Business citation building: The SEO team adds your site to directories like the Bing Business Portal, Yellow Pages, and FourSquare.
  • Link building: GoDaddy — like many other SEO service providers — also builds backlinks for your website.

On their website, they also include ongoing SEO management, which means they will keep an eye on your SEO and continue making changes over time to improve it.

How much does GoDaddy SEO cost?

GoDaddy’s packages start at $4.99 per month for keyword research, website optimization, and search engine submission. From there, you can pay up to $19.99 per month for additional features like content creation and link building. They also offer custom plans for larger companies or individuals.

GoDaddy SEO: Pros and cons

So, what do GoDaddy’s SEO services look like in practice? Looking at some pros and cons will answer that question.

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons, which we will look at further in the sections below:

Pro You get a dedicated account manager
Pro The prices are affordable
Pro You don’t have to do SEO alone
Con Content is not a primary focus
Con The prices are almost too affordable
Con Their links are questionable
Con You miss out on some bigger SEO aspects
Con The strategies aren’t super custom

Pro: You get a dedicated account manager

Having someone to go to about your SEO services is nice. You have a dedicated person to talk to about your website, including what’s working and what changes they’re making.

Plus, if your account manager isn’t available, or you want to evaluate your site after hours, you can use the reporting dashboard on your own instead of waiting.

Con: Content is not a primary focus

Content is one of the main contributors for effective SEO. However, GoDaddy does not involve creating content for your website. Instead, they create blogs and articles to earn backlinks from other sites.

This process doesn’t work with Google’s guidelines, and it’s not effective for integrating keywords onto your site. Plus, their blog posts are only a couple paragraphs long, which isn’t enough space to include keywords enough times without it looking spammy to users and Google.

Pro: The prices are affordable

If you have a limited budget and want to get started with SEO, $4.99 has a nice ring to it. Overall, the prices are well below average for monthly SEO prices, so that is certainly a pro in terms of what GoDaddy SEO has to offer.

Con: The prices are almost too affordable

With affordability comes some questions as to what makes the price so low. Considering most companies spend $2500 – $7500 per month, GoDaddy’s pricing seems like it’s compromising on quality for low pricing. If it seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Con: Their links are questionable

Many of the backlinks that come from GoDaddy aren’t as effective as they seem. For instance, some links GoDaddy creates are added to sites like Digg or Reddit. Generally, these links are not good for SEO, since they provide no value and don’t come from a reputable site.

Many are also nofollow links, which tell search engines not to count them towards a site’s authority — the opposite of SEO’s intention. These links could be either ineffective or even harmful.

Pro: You don’t have to do SEO on your own

Finally, the main pro of any SEO service or tool is that you don’t have to do it alone. You already have a business to run, and adding SEO can be a challenge, even though it’s a must. With GoDaddy, you can get extra help (and benefits) without adding to your workload.

Con: You miss out on some bigger SEO aspects

Finally, GoDaddy doesn’t account for some crucial SEO target areas, like technical SEO. For example, GoDaddy offers no mention of mobile optimization, which does not benefit Google’s mobile-first indexing.

Also, they don’t account for site speed or internal linking, which help with overall user experience. And, with no content creation, it’s hard to build your authority and show Google why your website should rank well.

Con: The strategies aren’t super custom

Good SEO works with your industry, target audience, and location to create a one-of-a-kind-approach. While GoDaddy’s approach does account for some of these factors, the approaches they use are pretty standardized. This drawback could lead to a stale SEO approach that doesn’t serve your business as well as it could.

Is GoDaddy SEO worth it?

Overall, while GoDaddy has some pros to its SEO services, it’s not worth it for the lack of benefits you get for your site. There are many features you don’t get that make a huge impact on your SEO, like technical optimizations and content.

Plus, since the price is so low, you’re missing out on features that could make more of a purposeful impact while still paying a fee. While the prices are low, they could be so because of the lack of solutions available.

At that point, it’s better to try free tools yourself and consult with an SEO agency to get all the services you need for effective SEO.

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