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Text example showing the phrase 'Design Instruct is a regularly updated web magazine for designers and digital artists' in descending font sizes of 72pt, 36pt, 24pt, 14pt, and 10pt.

10 Free High Quality Fonts We Love Right Now


image_01_brela We like Brela because of its relatively high x-height giving it a very open feel and great readability. It’s a humanist style font that is very readable in small sizes but also quite striking at display sizes.


image_02_voga Voga works very well as a display font.

It is a condensed font that is made up of contrasting elements. It has some very interesting glyphs as seen in the lowercase ‘g.’ It has a very glamorous look and feel.


image_03_marta A very well-made font, Marta’s wedge serifs lend it a great readability.

A great feature of this font is that its italics are upright which isn’t seen very often in font families. It definitely lends a certain uniqueness to any composition.


image_04_born Born is another great serif font with a few humanist and calligraphic elements.

The x-height is generous which makes it very readable in body text while also exhibiting just enough of a subtle contrast in its strokes to make it look a bit classic while retaining a modern feel. (You must “pay with a post” to social media about this font to access the download link.)


image_04_DDM DDM is a very clean and open san-serif with great readability. (You must “pay with a post” to social media about this font to access the download link.)

Arca Majora

image_05_arca Arca Majora is a sans-serif display font with a very contemporary feel. Only uppercase and number glyphs, along with some punctuations are included.

Meticulous Ariel

image_07_meticulousariel Its creator takes inspiration from the world of fashion and indeed has a created a very elegant font. This font works really well as a display font.

Mish Mash

image_09_mishmash This is a pretty interesting font as it has serif and sans serif fonts which is probably why it’s called “Mish Mash.”


image_09_luthier We’re big fans of Luthier.

It looks great in display sizes as well as in text. The serifs are sharp with very interesting angles that make it look and feel modern but also can be used in more traditional applications.

Libre Caslon

image_10_librecaslon Libre Caslon is a very interesting free font.

First of all, it is technically still in development and the creators have only released ‘beta” versions. It looks tall and condensed and it has a perfectly executed contrast within the font. It works amazingly as a display font as well as in body sizes.

It seems the creators have dubbed this Caslon font as the “sexy” Caslon and we couldn’t agree more. This is definitely a font we’re keeping an eye on.  

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