20 Beautiful Vintage Photoshop Brush Sets

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Vintage designs has gotten very popular over the past years, and it seems the trend keeps on going. In this round-up, you’ll find 20 vintage Photoshop brushes you can download for free. There are over 300 individual vintage brushes here, so you will have a broad choice of brushes to apply onto your designs.

Each brush set was first tested, and the images you see below are previews of what to expect from each brush pack.

1. Darger-esque (23 brushes)

Darger-esque - preview.

2. 1920s ladies by 500ml brushes (7 brushes)

1920s ladies - preview.

3. Vintage Hands (15 brushes)

Vintage Hands - preview.

4. Vintage Models (11 brushes)

Vintage Models - preview.

5. Retr0 Brushes (30 brushes)

Retr0 Brushes - preview.

6. Old Maps (11 brushes)

Old Maps - preview.

7. Newspaper ads from the 60s (12 brushes)

Newspaper ads from the 60 - preview.

8. 1940 Cosmopolitan brushes (48 brushes)

1940 Cosmopolitan brushes - preview.

9. Vintage Movie Posters (16 brushes)

Vintage Movie Posters - preview.

10. Vintage brushes (12 brushes)

Vintage brushes - preview.

11. Vintage Birds (20 brushes)

Vintage Birds - preview.

12. Vintage polaroid brushes (14 brushes)

Vintage polaroid brushes - preview.

13. Vintage grunge brushes (17 brushes)

Vintage grunge brushes - preview.

14. Alice in Wonderland brushes (20 brushes)

Alice in Wonderland brushes - preview.

15. Old Newspaper (16 brushes)

Old Newspaper - preview.

16. Old Paper Brushes (7 brushes)

Old Paper Brushes - preview.

17. Vintage Lady (6 brushes)

Vintage Lady - preview.

18. Film and old projectors (5 brushes)

Film and old projectors - preview.

19. Vintage pics (8 brushes)

Vintage pics - preview.

20. Birdcages (16 brushes)

Birdcages - preview.

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