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Sunrise over a planet's surface with a cosmic backdrop of stars and nebulae.

20 Incredible Sunrise Wallpapers Caught in Space

We just witnessed the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing recently. To stay in the spirit of space exploration, we’ve rounded up some stunning digital art illustrations of sunrises taken from space. Feast your eyes on these beauties from above.

1. A New Dawn

A New DawnArtist: Fernando Rodrigues

2. Eastern Sunrise Updated

Eastern Sunrise UpdatedArtist: Joy-Vincent

3. Origin

OriginArtist: Fernando Rodrigues

4. Omicron Beta

Omicron BetaArtist: taenaron

5. Aeon

AeonArtist: Fernando Rodrigues

6. Cosmic Daylight Close Up

Cosmic Daylight Close UpArtist: Diny

7. Terra Nova

Terra NovaArtist: Fernando Rodrigues

8. The Last Sunrise

The Last SunriseArtist: Diny

9. Detritus

DetritusArtist: Diny

10. Cosmic Sunrise

Cosmic SunriseArtist: Diny

11. Sunrise in Space

Sunrise in SpaceArtist: gucken

12. Smooth Vision

Smooth VisionArtist: Josef Barto?

13. Remnants

RemnantsArtist: Sami Mattila

14. Planet One

Planet OneArtist: Thrasos Varnava

15. Allurement

AllurementArtist: Rob Graham

16. Tau 31

Tau 31Artist: sanmonku

17. Last Dawn

Last DawnArtist: Michel Merza

18. Misconstrue Image

Misconstrue ImageArtist: Gavin

19. Morning

MorningArtist: Kalle Törmä

20. Homeworld

HomeworldArtist: phil2001

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