25 Stylish Examples of Web Forms

A webform is a primary mode of permitting users to interact with a website. Whether it’s for signing up to a service, leaving a comment on a blog post, or writing an email through a web-based client such as Gmail – forms are a staple to modern websites and web applications. The design of a website form can make or break how often those forms are filled out by users.

Ultimately, this can have a major effect on the number of leads coming into your business. If designed well, however, website forms are fantastic ways to generate quality leads who are, at the very least, interested in learning more information about your company. Some common web form examples that can drive these leads are:

  • Contact Forms
  • Event Registration
  • Sign-Up or Sign-In Forms
  • Surveys & Questionnaires
  • Ecommerce Checkouts
  • Appointment Bookings

In this showcase, you’ll be able to set your eyes on a few remarkable and well-constructed web form design examples for inspirational ideas on how to build and design engaging and effective HTML forms.

1. Alexandru Cohaniuc

Alexandru Cohaniuc

2. Tea Round App

Tea Round

3. Grooveshark


4. Substrakt


5. Matt


6. Pixelight Creative

Pixelight Creative

7. Ballpark


8. MAQUINA studio

MAQUINA studio

9. nclud


10. MonAssoc


11. Komodo Media

Komodo Media

12. AllDevJobs.com


13. Connect


14. TVI


15. Webgrapes


16. Headscape


17. Digg


18. Graphik.fi


19. CollabFinder


20. Digitalmash


21. Kontain


22. SocialSnack


23. Mint


24. BBC


25. Media Temple

Media Temple

Design A New Web Form For Your Business!

Whether it’s for a contact form or newsletter sign-up, we hope that this list provided you with some creative ideas for your company’s newest website form! If you are thinking about implementing a new or updated form for your website but are not sure if you have the time or skill to complete the project to the level of the web form examples above, then turn to the professionals at WebFx! Our team of qualified and hard-working web developers would love to assist you in any web form-creation capacity and help to drive more quality leads to your site!

To learn more about WebFX and our services, visit our website or fill out one of our contact forms today!

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