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6 Irresistible Web Form Examples That Will Capture Your Attention

Webforms, also known as web forms or HTML forms, are a part of a web page that lets users enter data that will be sent to a server for processing. There are a lot of different types of web forms that you can add to your website and use to engage with your audience. Knowing all the different types of forms and having some web form examples to work with will inspire you to get the most out of your audience meaningfully and engagingly. 

You can create web forms with Python, Java and several other coding languages. To gain access to templates and useful tools, you can also use a web form builder.

Web form vs. web page

Web forms exist on web pages and connect the users with the website owner by exchanging information and communicating. They are a great way of streamlining data collection, improving your user experience and giving you more valuable data to work with. A web form without a server is an unoptimized way to run your site. You need a place for the data to be sent to and a place large enough to store and process it all.

Optimizing your form UI with your web page design is a strategic way of getting more responses and interest in your website’s web forms.

Contact form designs you can’t help but fill up

This type of website form is especially useful for businesses and websites that want to send newsletters to their users. They allow you to contact users by asking for information like their names, phone numbers, email addresses and a message field.

The key to a successful contact form is to lead users to it naturally. You must also ensure you’re asking the right questions and have a well-designed contact form that grabs the user’s attention and convinces them to act. Here are some web form examples of strong contact form designs:



screenshot of one of the web form examples by netflix

For users who are signed in, Netflix personalizes the Contact Us form it generates for the user. They will greet them by name and give recommendations and answer questions they think you might be asking. The page also includes a live chat option and a phone number that produces a unique code so customer service agents can easily find your account. Combining function, style and personalization into a Contact Us form makes the experience more impactful for the user.



screenshot of one of the web form examples by nintendo

Gaming company Nintendo offers a detailed range of contact forms on their Contact Us page. They give the user four options to choose from, chat, text message, phone or request a help ticket. Each one requires different contact information that the user can give based on their preferences, queries and what they are comfortable with. This is a user-centric and efficient way of using contact forms to create a better experience.

Contact forms and any other web forms benefit from creativity and intuitive designs that stand out and make them more attention-grabbing. 

Survey web form design examples

Survey forms allow users to share their feedback, opinions and other quantitative or qualitative information. They can include text fields for more in-depth information or have multiple choice questions for data that is easy to analyze and lay out. These are some useful examples to check out:



screenshot of one of the web form examples by airbnb

Airbnb sends survey forms and links to their customers through messages. They explain why they sent the survey, ensure users their answers are anonymous and let them decide if they will fill it in or not. The button that sends through the survey form is a bright red and the questions give Airbnb useful data that will help them advertise destinations and produce helpful recommendations.


screenshot of one of the web form examples by uber


Uber has two primary audiences: drivers and passengers. To meet the needs of both audiences, it needs to understand them properly. The app allows drivers to rate their passengers and passengers can rate drivers too. The feedback from their survey forms helps Uber deliver the best experience possible to everyone using the app.

Registration web form designs

Registration forms prompt people to sign up for a newsletter, make an account and log in. They use and collect information like names, email addresses and passwords.

Primal Pet Foods


screenshot of one of the web form examples by primal pet foods

Primal Pet Foods uses visuals to create an enticing registration form. A puppy and kitten are placed at the top of the form and are looking down at the text fields. This is a thematically appropriate and captivating way of encouraging user activity. The form is laid out simply, making it seem quick and easy to sign up.

Going with a stylish and functional approach to your web forms makes them feel less intrusive and more like a natural part of the experience. You’ll be surprised by how much that can affect a user’s willingness to interact with something.

Order sample web form

Order forms facilitate online transactions and let users buy products or services and place orders. These forms always include fields for billing and shipping information as well as payment details. An order form needs to load quickly, be responsive and be easy to use.



screenshot of one of the web form examples by amazon

Amazon’s order forms are a good example of what yours should look like. Most order forms are quite similar because it’s the function that matters more at this point in the user journey. Amazon has perfected the art of order forms. They blend in seamlessly with the rest of the website and use subpages to ask for different types of information. This makes it easier to process.

Still unsure which web form design to use? 

The way you engage with your audience is important. Getting useful data from them requires the right approach to how you present your web forms to them. If you’re running a business or want to optimize your website’s user experience there is so much you can learn from 6 of the best web form examples highlighted here.

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