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50 Beautiful & Unique Twitter Profile Designs

As Twitter becomes the latest online craze, we look at some impressive Twitter profile designs that stand out from the micro-blogging site’s millions of users.

1. @pairadocsdesign

@pairadocsdesign A variety of styles including the Polaroid and the name badge means that there is a design style you are inevitably going to like on this page.

2. @shirtpizza

@shirtpizza The cartoon theme of this Twitter profile has appeal and really stands out from the crowd, while the choice of avatar picture reveals the logo and a nice complement to the user’s name.

3. @BWphoto

@BWphoto A very colorful Twitter background (despite its name), with a comic book effect.

4. @ramesstudios

@ramesstudios Clever how the photographed person in this page is looking towards the Twitter main content area, isn’t it?

5. @Pudny

@Pudny This is a really interesting Twitter page where a picture of him has actually been placed into a screen-dumped picture of Adobe Photoshop, clever!

6. @anousone

@anousone The rustic design really allows the location of this user to hit home, as well as providing a lovely advertisement for the Grand Canyon.

7. @kimdeanart

@kimdeanart Contact details, a brief description, a testimonial and then full artwork to demonstrate the artist’s skills on this Twitter page.

8. @duboutdesyeux

@duboutdesyeux The Twitter page may be in French, but the picture of the woman in the background speaks for itself.

9. @sitepointdotcom

@sitepointdotcom This Twitter profile by SitePoint has it made with a tempting peek at the homepage of the actual site whilst giving some very small clues as to what the purpose of the actual Twitter account is for.

10. @mj12982

@mj12982 An excellent background where doodles are prominent and the contact details are sketched sideways, making for a unique and memorable design.

11. @SutterGroup

@SutterGroup Very nice use of the periodic table in their design as they try to relate it back to what they do.

12. @dpencilpusher

@dpencilpusher Nothing punctuates a pencil pusher’s point than a background that is surrounded by pencil doodles (in my opinion).

13. @scottclark

@scottclark Very reminiscent of a notice board, this motif gives the indication that the user is a wanted man.

14. @chrisspooner

@chrisspooner This design is an excellent example of a bird’s eye view of a desk.

15. @canvascubed

canvascubed A subtle bit of canvas to complement what the Twitter page is all about.

16. @travisbme

@travisbme It may be loud, but the natural motif seen here is an excellent complement to the color of the text seen in the central box.

17. @divvoted

@divvoted A nice bit of illustration never hurts, right?

18. @stevenpitts

@stevenpitts Photoshop can do wonders to bring together an eccentric design that is more than likely to get the user’s attention.

19. @ithinkmedia

@ithinkmedia Setting the decorum as well as informing the user of all of the information they would need to decide whether or not their services could be of use.

20. @weheart

@weheart A nice cartoon can achieve a variety of atmospheres, even somber ones. This Twitter page has a brilliant use of color, which really sets the tone.

21. @starswelove

@starswelove A mix of cartoon, words and real life makes this Twitter page a must see, even if you are not too keen on the context of the Twitter page itself.  

22. @elitistsnob

elitistsnob Sometimes simple can make more of an impact than a design that is in your face. Here, you can rest assured that simple is the case, with a nice logo at the top in the contrasting darkness.

23. @djambazov

@djambazov With a stack of books and a discreet picture to boot, this user’s Twitter name might be a nightmare to type, but it is worth it.

24. @desizntech

@desizntech A very nice bright and colorful background with complementing colored hyperlinks.

25. @niedson

@niedson High-impact and bright colors, and a nice sidebar content area is what makes this profile page stand out from the crowd.

26. @webb_art

@webb_art A great demonstration of how a sidebar content can explain what the company does. The logos towards the right are an exemplary and genius way of showing what some of the tweets talk about.

27. @TheEllipseCow

@TheEllipseCow A nice background and good use of the left-hand space for contact information makes this a beautiful and well-designed Twitter profile page.

28. @G_Obieta

@G_Obieta A weird style to explain, but when you look at it more closely, you will know what’s going on.

29. @juanmanuelm

@juanmanuelm Juan Manuel’s background illustration makes for a remarkable Twitter profile.

30. @Go_Media

10. @Go_Media Not only does it have the logo and a nice bit of color, but a bit of a dark side to counterbalance it.

31. @design_junkies

@design_junkies Nice use of color and words in this page to make it stand out from the crowd and capture the imagination of followers.

32. @mimobot

@mimobot The white faded concept really does work with this Twitter page, something that other pages might struggle to pull off correctly.

33. @DesignerDepot

@DesignerDepot If you like a busy (but high-impact) design, this could be the type of background that you would consider using in your own Twitter profile.

34. @clovermeadow

@clovermeadow A nicely designed explanation of the alias of Clover Meadow, as well as random additions like a quote and a splash of paint really give this page a lot of character.

35. @katchapman

@katchapman A beautifully designed page that should fit you right in at home.

36. @StudentUniverse

@StudentUniverse Another case of the main Twitter content area overlapping key text in the design when your monitor is small scale, but the silhouetted skyline really is quite clever on this page.

37. @tonychester

@tonychester A unique and grunge-themed profile page that results in a simplistic and memorable design.

38. @happytoaster

@happytoaster Repetition can be very effective in a mind-numbing way. A way to make it even more interesting is by adding a few designs out of place from the others. The difference brings the user in and draws attention to the site.

39. @jeanneleez

@jeanneleez A very nice mix of different artistic styles, including the art from the influential pop art era. With a discreet name mention, this Twitter profile page is very aesthetically pleasing.

40. @geeklaur

@geeklaur A mix of tessellating design and an elusive figure is guaranteed to ensure that you are intrigued beyond words.

41. @JacobIreland

@JacobIreland An interesting take for this graphic designer’s web page. Not only has he designed himself a good-looking background, but he has incorporated his name into it, too!

42. @noluckneeded

@noluckneeded No luck is certainly needed with this page that has a variety of dice and cards on it to keep you interested. Even nicer are the cards that are placed as an overlay into the blue background.

43. @gennefer

@gennefer Gennefer proves that if you want to make a point very nicely with a Twitter background, using a variety of texts will not disappoint.

44. @everywheretrip

@everywheretrip This guy has a variety of different design influences to punctuate his point that he is lucky enough to travel the world and visit a variety of places.

45. @hemeon

@hemeon Sketchy effects really do work well with this site.

46. @dimsis

@dimsis Is it computerized, is it animated, is it a cartoon? There is an absolute mix of odd art styles and media types on this Twitter background that will intrigue you for a nice period of time.

47. @rizalrenaldi

@rizalrenaldi A variety of color with a welcoming message and the strips are very pleasing to the eye, too. What more could you possibly want?

48. @snipeyhead

@snipeyhead This Twitter profile looks like a retro throwback with dog tags, Polaroid pictures, and a mix tape.

49. @napwarden

@napwarden The silhouetted skyline and the superhero comic book effect really doesn’t disappoint. The URLs that they want followers to pay attention to are even in an Adventurer font!

50. @imaaronmoody

@imaaronmoody And last but not least, the 50th Twitter page comes from a fellow graphic designer that uses a variety of things to express his mood. In addition, he used the background design for the opportunity to plug his website at the top left hand corner.

What do you think?

What do you think about these designs?

How important is a good Twitter background (Jacob’s Twitter profile goes the opposite way where he’s stripped down the design to the bare minimum). Let us know in the comments.

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