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Screenshot of Help Ink's webpage featuring a banner promoting a donation with purchase, t-shirts with 'SMALL STEPS' design, and various art prints including a patterned deer, a 'Bee Kind' floral design, and a 'LEAD AN HAND' colorful print.

7 Design Websites That Give Back: Designing For a Cause

This round-up of websites is a little different than what we usually have on Design Instruct. It’s about websites that use art and design to fund charities and other socially conscious programs around the world. It’s the side of the design community that rarely gets talked about but it’s also the side of the design community where artists are able to pursue work that they are really passionate about.

For the artists who donate their time and their work to charitable causes, the work they produce takes on a somewhat more personal tone and they are able to affect change in diverse ways, both small and large. Check out the websites listed below and perhaps support your fellow artists and the causes they work with. Who knows, you might also find ways to contribute your own work!

1. Sevenly

Sevenly donates $7 for every purchase you make to a new charitable cause that changes every 7 days, hence their name. They work with a lot of foundations such as The National Autism Association, The Humane Society, and Safeworld just to name a few. They also produce some really amazing designs.


2. Saught

Saught is a great company that works to get rid of the effects of war in post-conflict zones all over the world. Using metal from un-exploded ordinance and landmines, they create unique pieces of jewelry, turning objects of destruction into something more beautiful and that tell a story. By purchasing their products, customers are able to aid in the building of small, sustainable local economies where artisans are able to earn a living while also sparking social change in post-conflict areas.


3. DesignGive

DesignGive is another very cool website that empowers designers to use their creativity and design skills to give back. Designers are given the opportunity to pursue their craft while also being socially conscious. Therefore, if you buy their products, you won’t just be supporting great charitable foundations, you’ll also be supporting your fellow artists.


4. Threadless Causes

Threadless is not unknown to the world of designers. It’s a website where artists and illustrators can submit designs and have their work voted on to be printed on t-shirts and other apparel. Threadless Causes is the socially conscious side of the company.

Anywhere from 25% – 100%  of the proceeds from the t-shirts and apparel in the Threadless Causes section gets donated to various charitable foundations. It’s up to the customer to choose which cause you’d like to donate to. image_04_threadless

5. Help Ink

Help Ink donates $1 for every $5 you spend on their website to various foundations and causes. They donate to charities that feed children, plant trees, get clean water to places that need it, and provide medical supplies all over the world. Their artists do some really great work on t-shirts, prints, and stationery.


6. Artwork Heroes

Artwork Heroes focuses on smaller charities all over the world that would otherwise get overlooked. They make limited edition art prints by artists who donate their works. If you’re looking for something awesome to hang on your walls, you should check out Artwork Heroes and help them out.


7. Raven & Lily

Raven & Lily is a company that works to provide marginalized women all over the world with a sustainable income, healthcare, education, and programs that help break the cycle of poverty in their families. They create apparel, jewelry, and accessories which are all hand-made, fair-trade, and eco-friendly. image_07_raven_lily I’m sure there are plenty more websites like the ones listed in this article.

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