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21 Exquisite Art Deco Style Illustrations from Modern Masters

It is one of our most favorite visual arts styles here at Design Instruct. Very much the product of its time, the Deco art style draws from an eclectic mix of influences from traditional craft motifs, Egyptian and Ancient world art styles, the Cubist and Modernist movements, and the machine age ethos, just to name a few. It is often seen as a reflection of the belief in the modern age and technological advancement.

Art Deco a thoroughly modern and iconic art style that continues to stand the test of time. Today, we’ve found some modern masters who have adopted an Art Deco aesthetic into their work. Have a look at their portfolios and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Mark Bender

image_01_mark_bender image_02_mark_bender image_03_mark_bender  

Orlando Arocena

image_04_orlando_arocena image_05_orlando_arocena image_06_orlando_arocena  

Rodolfo Reyes

image_07_rodolfo_reyes image_08_rodolfo_reyes image_09_rodolfo_reyes  

Mads Berg

royalmail_11 kopier image_11_mads_berg image_12_mads_berg  

Felipe Vargas

image_13__felipe_vargas image_14__felipe_vargas image_15__felipe_vargas  

Michael Gelen

image_16_michael_gelen image_17_michael_gelen image_18_michael_gelen  

Dan Cosgrove

image_19_dan_cosgrove image_21_dan_cosgrove image_22_dan_cosgrove Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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