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10 Brand Style Guide Examples and Essentials in 2024

10 Brand Style Guide Examples and Essentials in 2024

Brand style guide examples can help spark ideas to create your memorable brand.

By cataloging the specific colors, typeface, logos, imagery, patterns, and taglines you wish to use in your branding, you can ensure your company remains consistent as it grows.

10 Brand style guide examples from recognizable brands

Be inspired by these 10 brilliant brand style guide examples and learn the elements that make them stand out.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks Creative Expression branding and logo

Starbucks’ siren logo and green color palette have made its brand instantly recognizable to many around the world. In addition to guidelines on core elements, this is one of the brand style guide examples that detail instructions for using creative assets across different channels and seasonal campaigns.

View the brand style guide here.

2. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Brandbook: Business Branding Example

The Urban Outfitters logo is always bold thanks to a brand style guide that covers photography, color, tone, and voice. Urban Outfitters is somewhat unique in that its branding guidelines also include information about its ideal customers and the company’s beliefs.

View the brand style guide here.

3. Spotify

Spotify Brand logo

Spotify’s iconic green circle is just one component of its branding guide. The primary corporate palette includes three color codes, while the rest of the brand guidelines focus on rules for logo variation and album artwork.

View the full brand style guide here.

4. Walmart

Child swinging on playset on top of Walmart brand logo

It’s no surprise that a company as big and recognizable as Walmart has a thorough brand style guide. This brand style guide example includes logo, photography, illustrations, editorial style, and more.

View the branding style guide here.

5. I Love New York

I Heart New York brand logo guidelines and treatment logos

I Love New York is another example of a deceptively simple brand backed by an extensive style guide. Its multiple-page style guide explains the company’s mission, tone, and target audience before discussing its logo positioning on merchandise.

View the brand style guide here.

6. TikTok

TikTok for developers brand logo

TikTok’s style guide is an in-depth look into how the company uses design to bring its brand to life. This is one of the brand style guide examples that is interactive and delves into the company logo, co-branding, and typography. All the elements work together, reflecting the relentless energy of the app’s users.

View the brand style guide here.

7. Medium

Medium Brand Logo

The primary graphic element of Medium’s branding guide is the logo itself. In Medium’s branding guide, you’ll find the correct usage of its logo, watermark, and symbol to ensure all uses create a feeling of confidence and timelessness.

View the branding style guide here.

8. Netflix

Netflix brand logo

Netflix blazed a trail in the streaming world with a bold red logo. The company’s current brand guidelines primarily focus on its logo and regulations about the size, placement, and color code.

View the brand style guide here.


NASA Brand Logo

At 220 pages, NASA’s branding style guide is a testament to the organization’s dedication to detail. The guide describes numerous logo placements, color uses, supporting designs, and branding rules for the space shuttles.

View the brand style guide here.

10. Discord

Discord brand guidelines and logo spacing information

Discord’s brand is colorful and playful, much like the communities who use the platform. Its branding guide describes the correct usage of Discord’s typography, color, and icon named Clyde.

View the brand style guide here.

FAQs about brand style guide examples

What is a brand style guide?

A brand style guide is a document that outlines a brand’s core components. This document is a universal set of guidelines for all customers and other corporations interacting with a brand.

A business can also use its branding guide to make visual decisions and keep corporate messaging consistent.

Consistent messaging and branding builds trust, leading to greater customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to work with someone they know will be reliable. With strong branding, your company can provide a similar experience regardless of how your customers interact with your brand.

What are the elements of a brand style guide?

A brand style guide is more than a means to provide information about a corporate logo.

It visually encompasses your company and its values. Some of the main elements in a style guide include:

  • Logo: A logo is one of the most essential parts of any branding guideline. Your guidelines should include a picture of your logo and examples of right and wrong uses.
  • Color palette: The color palette your company uses is likely one of the more recognizable aspects of your brand. Your style guide should include specific details to keep it consistent, such as HEX or RGB color codes. Include secondary, neutral, and tertiary hues in your color palette to allow for consistent messaging and more logo creations.
  • Typography: The typography you choose helps to support your brand across your entire website, including the links and copy. By specifying a primary and secondary font, you can ensure all logo variations are correct.
  • Imagery and iconography: Approved imagery, icons, and custom symbols are key elements to include in a brand guide.
  • Brand voice: A brand’s voice is the personality the company projects. By defining voice in your branding guide, you can guarantee your messaging remains the same regardless of which channel you use to connect with customers and other companies.

Create a brand style guide that builds trust

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