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14 Free Icon Fonts for Web Designers

Note: Before using any of the icon fonts below, you should read their license and terms of use. Website design is important to any company that wants to attract customers. Having appropriate and consistent icon fonts is part of what makes the design so effective and successful.

 Your font can easily be the deciding factor between a customer who chooses to stay on your site and one who decides to move on.

1. Ionicons (441 icons)


Ionicons Download Page

2. Shock Icon Font (1121 icons)

Full disclosure: I’m the founder of the Shock family of websites and this free icon font was created by my company. Shock icon font

Shock Icon Font Download Page

3. Dripicons (95 icons)


Dripicons Download Page

4. Entypo (250 icons)


Entypo Download Page

5. Sosa (160 icons)


Sosa Download Page

6. Foundation Icons (96 icons)

Foundation Icons

Foundation Icons Download Page

7. Typicons (308 icons)


Typicons Download Page

8. The Elegant Icon Font (310 icons)

The Elegant Icon Font

The Elegant Icon Font Download Page

9. Map Icons (175 icons)

Map Icons

Map Icons Download Page

10. Ligature Symbols (250 icons)

Ligature Symbols

Ligature Symbols Download Page

11. Heydings Icons (60 icons)

Heydings Icons

Heydings Icons Download Page

12. Fontawesome (369 icons)


Fontawesome Download Page

13. Signify (38 icons)


Signify Download Page

14. PulsarJS (73 icons)


PulsarJS Download Page

How to Use Icon Fonts

Learn how to use icon fonts by reading these tutorials:

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