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free serif fonts

10 Free and Beautiful Serif Fonts

1. EB Garamond

By Georg Duffner EB Garamond

Download Font

2. Prociono

By Barry Schwartz Prociono

Download Page

3. Linden Hill

By Barry Schwartz Linden Hill

Download Page

4. Linux Libertine Font

By Philipp H. Poll Linux Libertine Font

Download Page

5. Lora

By Cyreal Lora

Download Font

6. Crimson Text

By Sebastian Kosch Crimson Text

Download Page

7. Merriweather

By Eben Sorkin Merriweather

Download Font

8. Abraham Lincoln

By Frances MacLeod Abraham Lincoln

Download Page

9. Judson

By Daniel Johnson Judson

Download Page

10. Gentium Book Basic

By Victor Gaultney Gentium Book Basic

Download Page

More Free Serif Fonts

If you’d like to see more serif fonts, head on over to these other free serif font collections:

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