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Web Icons Line Set. Vector Design.

Free SVG Icons

Free SVG icons thumbnail preview This set of SVG icons has 70 different icons geared toiwards Web user interfaces. What is great about using SVG icons is they are lightweight in file size and they can scale without losing resolution-quality. In this context, SVG is great for responsive designs, web apps, websites, blogs, interactive infographics, and other web-based digital products.

Another advantage of SVG icons is they are open source. Simply open the SVG file in a text editor and you can see the code used for generating the graphic. You can even place this code directly into your HTML, which can help improve your Web performance because you reduce the number of external resources you need to load to render the web page.

SVG Icons Preview

Full preview of free SVG icons

Terms of Use

  1. You can use the SVG icons as part of your commercial or personal projects. Examples: Web designs, blogs, mobile apps, infographics, and so forth.
  2. Attribution is not required. But if you want to provide attribution, you can use this HTML: <a href="">Free SVG Icons</a>
  3. You cannot distribute or sell the source files in this freebie.

Download Free SVG Icons

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