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A beautifully designed and functional website is paramount for getting new patients through the door. Considering that 75% of website credibility comes from your design, you must build a professional website for your practice.

But where do you start with your web design?

To help you get inspired, we’ve created this list of 24 healthcare website design examples you can look at to get ideas for your website! Keep reading to learn more!

And if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out your practice’s web design, the experts at WebFX can help. Our team of over 500 web design experts knows how to create professional websites that grow practices. Contact us online to learn more!

24 healthcare website designs you’ll want to steal

Ready to see some top-notch medical web design examples? Here are 24 awesome healthcare websites that will inspire you!

1. Just Kids Pediatrics

To start this list of healthcare website design examples, let’s look at Just Kids Pediatrics. This website uses high-quality images and a simple design to keep prospects engaged.

Homepage for just kids pediatrics

Here’s what Just Kids Pediatrics does well with their website:

  • Use of a unique logo that fits their branding and promotes them being a pediatric office

Logo of a tree house on Just Kids website

  • Scrolling carousel of providers that work at their facility to help people get familiar with who they’ll see
  • Clear vision and mission statement that shows their values

2. Integrative Medicine of NYC

Another great healthcare web design example is Integrative Medicine of NYC. This practice has an eye-catching logo and high-quality imagery that greet you the minute you see their homepage.

Integrative medicine NYC homepage

Here are some of the best features of Integrative Medicine NYC’s website:

  • Simple and modern design that isn’t overcluttered for a clean presentation of information
  • Integration of icons and graphics to help enhance messaging

Icons on NYC integrative's website

  • Simplistic layout of services to let people know what they offer

3. Flatiron Family Medical

To continue on this list of healthcare website designs, let’s look at Flatiron Family Medical. They have a simple and modern web design with bold, clear text that’s easy to read.

Flatiron website

Flatiron Family Medical offers numerous great features, including:

  • Simple forms that make it easy to subscribe to news and updates

Website form on Flatiron family's website

  • High-resolution images that provide insight
  • Integration of icons to help enhance information

4. Dr. Zack Allen

Next on this list of healthcare website designs, let’s look at Dr. Zack Allen. He provides website visitors with a clean and modern design that makes it easy to find information.

Homepage for Dr. Zack Allen

Here are some great features from Dr. Zack Allen’s website:

  • Integration of a testimonials carousel to build the practice’s reputation

Written testimonials sharing

  • Simplistic, branded design to create a unique design for prospective patients
  • Simple logo design integrated into the navigation bar to build brand recognition

5. Rush Medical Center

If you want to see more medical web design examples, check out Rush Medical Center. This medical facility integrates high-quality visuals and plenty of white space to create a simplistic and functional website.

Homepage for Rush Medical Center

Here are some great features you’ll want to copy from Rush Medical Center:

  • Integration of a search function to find the physician or specialty users need

Two search boxes with a yellow CTA on Rush's website

  • Display values that build confidence with prospective patients
  • Integration of helpful content to educate people who visit their website

6. American Family Care

Next on this list of examples of healthcare web design, let’s look at American Family Care (AFC). AFC is a franchise urgent care facility that uses modern design to engage people on their website.

AFC homepage

So, what’s notable about AFC’s website?

  • Number counters that catch your attention as you scroll

AFC moving number graphic

  • A prominent logo that stands out on the page to build brand recognition
  • Use of white space throughout the design to help users focus on important information

7. Dr. McMinn

If you want to see another of the best medical web design examples, check out Dr. McMinn. This modern website features numerous high-quality images that draw users in.

Homepage for McMinn website

Here’s what you’ll want to take notice of with Dr. McMinn’s website:

Arrow pointing to a gray call to action button

  • Clear text that’s easy to read
  • Integration of an email sign-up bar that makes it easy to stay connected

8. Northwestern Medicine

If you want to see one of the top healthcare website design examples, check out Northwestern Medicine. They use a bright purple color scheme to build their brand’s image.

Homepage for northwestern medicine

Here’s what stands out on Northwestern Medicine’s website:

  • Use of bold, clear text that makes information easy to read
  • Integration of engaging elements, like number counters that count as you scroll

Number counter on Northwestern's website

  • Use of quick links to help people find the information they need fast

9. Kindbody

To continue on this list of examples of healthcare web design, let’s look at Kindbody. They use a bright and cheery yellow design to create a welcoming experience for their website visitors.

Homepage for kindbody

Here are some website features you’ll want to copy from Kindbody:

  • Organized navigation that uses broad headings to help people find what they need

Navigation on Kindbody's website

  • Eye-catching CTA buttons that stand out from the rest of the text on their page
  • Integration of video into the design to boost engagement

10. Felix Medical Group

Another of the best healthcare website design examples comes from Felix Medical Group. They created a simple design with eye-catching elements to catch the attention of anyone who visits their website.

Homepage for Felix Medical Group

Here’s what’s great about the Felix Medical Group’s website:

  • Integration of a color scheme that’s consistent throughout their website
  • Authentic imagery that provides insight into their practice

Picture of a man in a suit with two women dressed nicely

11. Dr. Dale Prokupek

To continue on this list of examples of healthcare web design, check out Dr. Dale Prokupek. He uses a modern and clean website design to invite new patients to check out his clinic.

Homepage for Dale Prokupek

Here are some of the best features of Dr. Dale Prokupek’s website:

  • High-quality imagery that catches your attention when you navigate his website

Photo of a doctor standing in a hallway

  • Integration of testimonials to build credibility
  • Clear, web-safe fonts that make information easy to read

12. Cascade Integrative Medicine

To continue on this list of healthcare web design examples, let’s look at Cascade Integrative Medicine (CIM). Their modern website integrates high-quality imagery to draw in prospective patients.

Homepage for CIM

Here are a few highlights of CIM’s website:

  • Bright and bold CTA buttons that draw users toward them
  • Listing their crucial business information in the footer, including hours, contact information, and more
  • Integration of professional affiliations

Icons of affiliated practices with CIM

13. Mayo Clinic

If you’re looking for more healthcare web design examples, check out the Mayo Clinic. With this medical website, you’ll see a simple design that uses white space and high-quality images to draw people in and stay engaged.

Homepage for Mayo Clinic

Here are the most notable features of the Mayo Clinic’s website

  • Prominent “Request an appointment” button that makes it easy to book an appointment
  • List of featured care areas so people can find what they need fast

Lists of Mayo Clinic services

  • Integration of social media buttons that make it easy for prospective patients to connect on multiple platforms

14. Crossroads Integrative Medicine

Another great healthcare web design example is Crossroads Integrative Medicine. This medical website has an earthy feel, with a green color scheme and nature-focused photographs.

Homepage for Crossroads website

There are numerous great aspects of Crossroads Integrative Medicine’s website, including:

  • Engaging website animations that pull information in to view as you scroll

Animations on Crossroad's website

  • Contact information integrated into the navigation for easy access
  • Integration of white space for a clean and simple layout

15. Tia

If you want to see another excellent medical web design example, check out Tia. This women’s health website uses a modern and stylish theme to draw in people looking for women’s healthcare solutions.

Homepage for Tia

Here’s what Tia does well on their website:

  • Integration of custom, colorful graphics that grab attention

Drawn-like graphics of services Tia offers positioned in a circle

  • High-resolution and authentic images that help build their brand
  • Web-safe fonts that make it easy to read content on their website

16. Dr. Victoria Howe

To continue on this list of examples of healthcare web design, let’s look at Dr. Victoria Howe. This website uses a clean design that makes it easy to find information on their website.

Victoria Howe homepage

Here are some of the best aspects of Dr. Victoria Howe’s website:

  • Clean and modern web design that provides a professional appearance to their office

Gray and white design integrated throughout Victoria Howe's website

  • CTA buttons with clear directions on what happens if you click the buttons
  • Organized navigation that makes it easy to find the services you need

17. One Medical

Another one of the top healthcare website designs comes from One Medical. This healthcare website uses bright graphics and a simple, modern design to build interest in what they offer.

Homepage for One Medical featuring a watermelon on a yellow background

Here’s what works with One Medical’s website:

  • Moving graphic highlighting the various services they offer

Services One Medical offers featured on their website

  • Small paragraphs of text that make it easy to skim content
  • Integration of icons to highlight the information they share

18. NextCare

If you want more examples of healthcare web design, check out NextCare. This care provider uses graphics and modern design to create an inviting experience for website visitors.

Nextcare homepage

Here are the features from NextCare that you’ll want to copy:

  • Integration of simple icons to draw attention and highlight values

Icons of people, clocks, and phones featured on Nextcare's website

  • Chatbox integration for easy customer service
  • Integration of testimonials to build trust with people

19. Brightside Health

Brightside Health is one of the best healthcare web design examples if you want to see a modern design. They have a blue color palate that creates a calming feel as visitors enter their website.

Brightside health homepage

Here are some of the best features of Brightside Health’s website:

  • Drop-down menu that enables you to select what you need

Bar with a drop-down menu

  • Integration of insurance they accept to keep visitors informed
  • Statistic graphics about their patients to provide visitors with data to back their claims

20. Halcyon Health

Another one of the best healthcare website designs comes from Halcyon Health. They have a simple, clean, and modern website design accompanied by helpful information about their services.

Halcyon homepage

Here are some of the best features of Halcyon Health’s website design:

  • Clear CTA buttons that stand out on the page to catch visitors’ attention

Teal call to action buttons directing users to complete actions

  • Clear and distinct logo at the top of the page to build brand awareness
  • High-resolution imagery to show their practice at work

21. Virtua Health

Next on this list of medical web design examples is Virtua Health. This healthcare website uses a simple design filled with information about what they offer.

Virtua homepage

There are numerous great features on Virtua Health’s website, including:

  • A simple, branded logo that helps build recognition
  • Integration of content and latest news to keep website visitors informed

News articles related to Virtua

  • Integration of a chatbot feature to make it easy for people to schedule appointments and get questions answered

22. Dr. Jonathan Jacobs, M.D.

If you want to see one of the top examples of healthcare web design, check out Dr. Jonathan Jacobs, M.D. He takes a classic approach to his website design, using a mainly black and white design throughout his website.

Black and white Jacob's website

Here are some of the best features of this healthcare website:

Video of Dr. Jacobs giving medical services

  • Organized navigation that’s easy to find the information you need
  • Branded aesthetic that carries throughout the website for a consistent look, feel, and experience

23. Mercy Health

Another great example of healthcare website design comes from Mercy Health. This medical provider has a vibrant design and high-quality photos to provide a top-notch experience for website visitors.

Mercy Health website

Here are some features you’ll want to copy for your website:

  • Search bar integration in their navigation bar that makes it easy to find information

Search bar on MercyHealth's navigation

  • CTA buttons that stand out on the page and provide clear directions
  • Simplistic logo integrated throughout their website to build brand recognition

24. Mass General Brigham

To wrap up this list of healthcare website design examples, look at Mass General Brigham. This healthcare provider’s website is filled with high-resolution images and bright CTA buttons to boost engagement.

Mass General website

Here’s what works with Mass General Brigham’s website:

  • Integration of buttons to make it easy for people to get back to the top

Clicking an arrow button at the bottom to take the user back to the top

  • Integration of content to keep prospects engaged
  • Responsive design to make access easy on any device

Feeling inspired by these healthcare website design examples?

If you want to set a positive first impression with prospective patients, you need to invest in your website’s design. Looking at healthcare website designs, like the ones listed above, can help you get inspired and create a list of everything you want on your website.

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed with how long your web design list is, the experts at WebFX can help! We have over 28 years of experience designing websites that help businesses grow.

Check out our design portfolio to see the work we’ve done for healthcare clients and more!

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